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Barn Owls


This term the Barn Owls have been learning all about life during the Stone Age.  We particularly enjoyed laying out a roll of paper in the hall to show how long ago the Stone Age actually was.  We used one sheet to represent 500 years.  However, we decided to stop when we got to 40,000BC as we had run out of space! The Stone Age definitely was a LONG time ago!!!

Our favourite Stone Age activity has been cave painting.  We used the internet to research what cave paintings were like and we also took a virtual tour of the famous Lascaux caves in France.  These were amazing, even if the music was a bit eerie! After a research we had a go at recreating a Stone Age cave painting, but before we could start we had to scrunch our paper into a ball to make the surface all bumpy like rock.  First we tried drawing on the playground using charcoal, we found this fairly uncomfortable! However, it was far comfier than our second way of cave painting when we attached our paper under our tables and had to lie on our backs to draw!!  We used all of our learnt skills to create a final cave painting for display in the classroom. We are extremely proud of our finished drawings.

Also this term the Barn Owls have been following a new initiative called Big Maths which has been lots of fun.  We have been learning lots of number facts by learning songs and dance routines, we have been introduced to different characters that help us with different aspects of maths, and we have enjoyed using our brain scanners to show our answers!