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Barn Owls


The Barn Owls had a very busy Spring term.  Our favourite thing was learning about the Victorians.  As part of this we went on a visit to Gressenhall Museum and Workhouse.  Here we had a lesson in the school house with a strict Victorian teacher where we learnt how to use an abacus and the names of countries in the British Empire.  We had a tour around the workhouse.  Boys, girls and adults each had different entrances and we also had check each others hair for lice! We also visited the farm where we helped with the washing and cooking.

Our classroom also became a Victorian art gallery when we made a Victorian style silhouette self portrait.  We did cheat a little bit by using digital technology to help though!! The final results were excellent and it is good fun guessing who is who.

Also this term we enjoyed lots of fun maths events – Maths Chocolate Day and a Maths Cafe.  In our Maths Cafe we read the book 356 Penguins and then we did lots of penguin