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Autumn (2)

Now that we have made some new friends and know what big school is all about, we have started learning some new really clever stuff!

We have been working on numbers to 10 and then to 20, making sure that we write them properly and don’t get them back to front or the wrong way around! We’ve been doing the same with our letters in phonics, and have started our own big school phonics books! We use our sound goggles to help us find the new sounds around the classroom, sing songs and play games.

Children in Need Day was lots of fun too. We came to school in our own clothes and with our teddy bear, and thought about how we can help the children who need a little bit of extra support. Pudsey bear played a big role in this!

Our class also had an important role in the school play. We acted out the nativity scene and were really brave getting up on the stage in front of all the Mummies and Daddies. It was so much fun! We got to dress up and wear costumes and come to school in the night-time!

Some other fun stuff we have been doing includes exploring the frost and the autumn leaves, learning about space, making a space ship, doing footprints with paint, cooking in the outside sand kitchen, exploring our new sensory tent with special starry lights and decorating our classroom for Christmas!