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Owlets have had a very, very busy start to school this half term and have had so much fun! We have been getting to know each other, getting to know our new school and thinking about the different places where we live.

Here are some of the things we have been getting up to…

  • We painted our feet and hands! We compared the sizes of our feet and hands – it tickled lots when we had the cold, gooey paint put on!
  • We listened to different sounds because we have been practising using our listening ears. We went on a sound hunt around our new school to see what we could hear and then used different instruments to make quiet and loud sounds!
  • We went on a bug hunt! After we’d thought about where we live, we wondered where the little creatures in our school field lived so we went to find out! Some of us got quite muddy and mucky hands!
  • We read the story of the 3 Little Pigs and then built the three houses! We collected everything we needed first and then went to collect sticks from our woodland area for the stick house. There was SO MUCH GLUE!


  • We went on a Bear Hunt! We enjoyed the story so much that we decided to go on our own bear hunt! We pulled on our wellies, zipped up our coats and braved the cold weather to squelch through oozy mud, splash through a deep, cold river, twirl through a snowstorm and creep through a dark cave. We screamed when we found a bear! We quickly decided to run back through it all and back to our classroom – safe and sound!