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This half term the Owlets have had a busy time settling into school, making new friends, learning new routines and learning lots and lots of new things!

We have been thinking about where we live and our families, and how we all have houses and families that are all a little bit different, but sometimes a little bit similar too. We moved on to read The Three Little Pigs story, and spent ages building our own straw, stick and brick houses! We got so mucky and covered in glue and paint but we had so much fun! We even tried to make houses using different materials and thought about which ones would be strong enough to keep us safe from The Big Bad Wolf. The fabric one didn’t really work because it was too floppy and wouldn’t stand up, but we worked as a team to do the best we could! Our masks that we made of the pigs and the wolf helped us to retell the story with the houses that we had made.

Here are some photos of all of the busy things we have been doing…