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Snowy Owls


The Snowy Owls have had a very fun, busy and “out-of-this-world” half term! We loved learning about Space. We started by exploring a non-fiction book which asked a lot of questions – so we came up with our own questions too. We found out about what it is like to be an astronaut. We experienced our very own Snowy Owl mission to space. We tried writing underneath the tables to find out how tricky it is to write at a strange angle. We also made and tasted ‘Astronaut Pudding’ which was a hit!


We read “The Way back Home” by one of our favourite authors Oliver Jeffers. It is a great story and we enjoyed thinking about how the characters feel throughout the story. We also worked together to come up with some ways to continue the story.


We learned about Neil Armstrong and his mission to the moon, and we loved hearing the special words he is famous for saying. We also enjoyed exploring a virtual model of the planets. We worked very hard together to make our own papier mache model of the planets along with the sun.


Finally, the class worked extremely hard on the Christmas Play and they thoroughly enjoyed taking part. It was a brilliant way to end a very exciting term!