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Snowy Owls

Spring (2)

We have had a lovely second half term in the Snowy Owls. Our mini topic this half term (connected to our big term topic called ‘Animal Planet’) has been about pandas. We have loved finding out lots about these amazing animals. Did you know a panda likes eats 22 pounds of bamboo a day?

We enjoyed finding out lots of facts about pandas in the National Geographic Kids book about pandas.

We then loved reading the story ‘Little Panda’ by Renata Liwska. We had to make our own story predictions and we enjoyed finding out the real ending afterwards! We wrote fantastic stories based on ‘Little Panda’, borrowing some brilliant adjectives from the book.

To create our display of pandas in the bamboo forests, we had to tear paper very very carefully to make the right shaped body and arms and legs of the panda. This was tricky at times!

We also spent time finding out about where pandas live…China! We found China on the map and found out about the country.