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West Runton Trip

West Runton Geography / Science Field Trip

Eagle Owls visited West Runton this term to investigate coastal erosion and pollution, and rock pool life (as part of our Geography topic work and our Science Life Cycles work).  We were lucky with the weather as it was a warm sunny day!  We began with creating a stone graph, showing how large rough stones wear away through the action of the sea, eventually reducing in size until they become sand.  Next, we spotted as many man made pollutants as we could.  Sadly, there was an awful lot! After lunch, we made for the rock pools, looking for any living creatures we could find, and belemnite fossils. The rocks were a little slippery, but everyone remained on their feet, although there were some wet socks that needed to be changed before the bus ride home – but we came prepared!  A very enjoyable day, and it was good to have first-hand experience of our learning.