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Home Learning for any children at home this week who are able to work.

On this page you will find activities that you can complete at home this week.  Please share your completed work with me.

*Remember that you can contact me if you have any questions at  


Home Learning  – week beginning 23-11-20



Big Writing – Monday

Imagine that you have been asked to invent a new game that can be played in a PE lesson.

  • The game must be suitable for up to six players.
  • It must use at least four different pieces of equipment available from the PE shed.
  • The game needs to be suitable for playing both inside and outside.

Task: Write a clear set of instructions for the game. Remember to include all of the features that you know instructions must have.  Features of instructional texts


English – 1 task each day Tuesday to Friday

This half term we have been learning about instructions. This week you are have a variety of tasks connected to this.


  1. Read the ‘Mexican Bean Burger’ recipe and then answer the questions. There are 3 different levels *, ** and ***. Make sure that you challenge yourself. The answers are also there so that you can check your work once you have finished. Mexican bean burger
  2. Match each of the instruction features to its definition. Matching-Features
  3. Follow the instructions to make some play dough. Then use the playdough to make some creations. Give verbal instructions to a family member so that can make the same creation as you. This will be eve more fun if you are back to back and can’t see what you have created! Play dough recipe
  4. Complete the instructions quiz on


Spellings – daily

Here are this week’s spellings. Practise them using the activity sheets. If you are at home on Friday, ask someone to test you using the test sheets.

Year 3 spellings Year 4 spelling


Reading – aim to read for at least 20 minutes each day and record in your planner. You can also access Accelerated Reader at home to complete quizzes. 


Maths – 1 task each day Monday to Friday

This week we will be looking at addition and subtraction. You will be able to use the White Rose Home Learning resources by going to From this page you can choose your year group. On the right-hand side there is a blue box where you can select the week. From here you can select the video lessons listed below and then you can complete the attached activity sheet.

Year 3 watch the videos from week 7. Here are some activities sheets connected to each of the videos to complete:

Y3 Task 1 Add-and-subtract-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100

Y3 Task 2 Add-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100

Y3 Task 3 Subtract-2-digit-numbers-from-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100

Y3 Task 4 Add-two-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100

Y3 Task 5 Add-two-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100

Year 4, last week you were learning the formal column method for subtraction. This week you will need to complete these activities to practise the method using these activities:

  1.  Missing numbers  There are 120 questions on this sheet – do as many as you can in 30 minutes!
  2.  Deep dive Choose your level – page 3 is the most challenging.
  3.  Challenge cards A mixture of addition and subtraction challenges.
  4.  On the run  A game to play with a family member. There are 3 levels to choose from.
  5.  Playing with numbers  Another game to play with a family member.



Topic – Tuesday

Create your own Stone Age cave complete with drawings inside an old box. Use this photo for inspiration.


Science – Wednesday

We have been learning about healthy eating using the Eatwell Guide. Sandwiches can be a healthy option. Complete these sandwich related activities:

  1. Research different types of sandwiches.  Sandwich research
  2. Interview a family member about the sandwiches that they like.  Interview sheet
  3. Design, make and evaluate a sandwich for the person that you interviewed.  Sandwich planning


French – Thursday

Mrs Hamilton has emailed you your login details to access the games on Language Angels. Have a go at some of the fun activities to practise the language we have learnt in school.



Although we do PE on a Thursday, aim to get outside in the garden for some ‘fresh air’ exercise EVERY day.

You can also do Joe Wicks work outs by following this link or try one of the Cosmic Yoga sessions


This week we are thinking about the difference between our real friends and online friends- and how to stay safe online.

Watch this online safety video:

Watch Full Movie – Childnet

Can you read and complete or talk about the activity about ‘Digital Privacy’- thinking about what information it is safe to share online? Has it made you think about the information you might post about yourself online in the future?

Digital Privacy Editable