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Home Learning  

This page has lesson information for Home Learning for any children at home this week who are able to work.

Please complete work and share with me via email.

*Remember that you can contact me if you have any questions at  



Week beginning Monday 10th May


Spellings – everyday

Here are this week’s spellings. Practise them using the activity sheets. If you are at home on Friday, ask someone to test you using the test sheets. We will be using list 2.

Year-3 Spellings     Year-4 Spellings


Reading – everyday

Read for at least 15 minutes each day and record it in your planner. If you are able to, read to an adult. You can also do Accelerated Reader quizzes by following this link

Remember that you can now also read books by logging on to MyOn.


Big Writing – Monday


Computing – Monday


English – Tuesday to Friday


Maths – Everyday

Each day this week we are going to practise our reasoning skills. We will focus on a different mathematical area each day. Choose at least 8 tasks from the given pages for each daily topic.  ISeeReasoning-LKS2

  • Monday – Place Value p4 to p26
  • Tuesday – Addition and Subtraction p27 to p45
  • Wednesday – Multiplication and division p46 to p74
  • Thursday – Fractions p75 to p88 (Year 4 also decimals p89 to p93)
  • Friday – Geometry p111 to p120



Topic – Tuesday

Last week we spent lots of time researching animals that live in the rain forest.

Today, you will need to create an information page all about these animals using what you learnt. You can use Google Docs or Slides if you wish to.


Science – Wednesday

Start by recapping what all living things have in common using the acronym MRS NERG. Use the PowerPoint to help you remember.  Mrs-Nerg-Life-Preocesses-Characteristics-of-Living-Things

What are the functions of a plants roots?

Work through the information about roots and then complete the activity and then challenge.

Roots information

Roots – activity

Roots -challenge


French – Thursday

Today you will learn the names of 5 animals in French.


PE – Thursday 


RE – Friday