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Home Learning  

This page has lesson information for Home Learning for any children at home who are able to work.

Please complete work and share with Mrs Cameron via email.

*Remember that you can contact me if you have any questions at  



Read for at least 20 minutes and record it in your planner. If you are able to, read to an adult. You can also do Accelerated Reader quizzes by following this link

Remember that you can also read books by logging on to MyOn.


Practise this week’s spellings using the activity sheets below. If you do not have this week’s spellings, please let me know and I will email them to you. If you are at home on a Friday then asks someone at home to test you on your 10 focus words.

Spelling activities


Choose your favourite extract from your current reading book and copy it using your neatest handwriting. Remember to use the joins that you know and to focus on consistency.


Choose a picture from  Then use it to write a short story. Remember to include all of the features that you know are expected from a ‘good’ story.


Daily Maths tasks:

Complete a Maths Activity Mat

Year 3 Activity Mat 1  Activity Mat 2  Activity Mat 3  Activity Mat 4  Activity Mat 5  Activity Mat 6

Year 4 Activity Mat 1  Activity Mat 2  Activity Mat 3  Activity Mat 4  Activity Mat 5  Activity Mat 6

Complete a Number of the Day sheet. Ask an adult to give you a number or use a dice or number cards to create a random number.

Year 3 Number of the Day

Year 4 Number of the Day

Practise your times tables using

Science and Topic

Use this term’s Knowledge Organisers to further your understanding. You can explore the weblinks found at the bottom of each.

You can also follow the link in the newsletter to complete Mr Pritchard’s Knoweldege Organiser Quiz!


Visit a museum

Watch wildlife

Purple Mash

Cosmic Yoga

Draw with Rob Biddulph

PE with Joe Wicks


Get creative with classical music

Educational games