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Barn Owls

On this page you will find activities that you can complete at home this week.  Please share your completed work with me.

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Home Learning – week beginning 28-09-20

Big Writing

Use this picture to think about the following question – If you could paint a picture of anything, knowing it would come alive, what would you paint?

Task – Write a story about the day that a painting in an art gallery came alive.



Remind yourself of the story, Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

Here are some tasks to complete this week:

  1. Using the story, compare life in the Stone Age to life today. Use the Then and Now sheet to record your ideas. Then and Now
  2. Think about your own ideas for a story where a child goes back in time to the Stone Age. Complete your ideas on the My Story Plan sheet.
  3. Use your plan to start writing your story.



At the moment we are learning about place value. You will be able to use the White Rose Home Learning resources by going to From this page choose your year group. On the right-hand side there is a blue box where you can select the week.  From here you can select the video lessons listed below and then you can complete the attached activity sheet.

Year 3 can complete the following activities:

Week 2 – 100s, 10s and 1s (1) and (2)Y3 100s-10s-and-1s Y3 100s-10s-and-1s-2

Week 2 – Number line to 100 and 1000 Y3 Number-line-to-100

Year 4 complete these activities:

Week 2 – Count in 1000s  Y4 Count-in-1000s

Week 2 – Represent numbers to 10000 activity

Week 2 – 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s Y4 1000s-100s-10s-and-1s



Find out more facts about the human skeleton sing the Skeletons PowerPoint. Then log-in to Purple Mash where you will find a skeleton quiz in your 2-Do folder. Here is a crossword for when you have completed the quiz. human-skeleton-crossword



This week we are finding out about a Stone Age settlement called Skara Brae. Find out about Skara Brae by reading the information on the Skara-Brae-Stone-Age-Information-Powerpoint and watching this video

Task: Create your own labelled drawings of Skara Brae.



Here are this week’s spellings. Practise them using the activity sheets. If you are at home on Friday, ask someone to test you using the test sheets. Year 4 spellings    Year 3 spellings



Mrs Hamilton has emailed you your login details to access the games on Language Angels. Have a go at some of the fun activities to practise the language we have learnt in school.