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Eagle Owls

Home Learning for any children at home this week following Covid restrictions.  Please do the following into your Home Learning Books, or as instructed.

If you have any questions or get stuck on any work, please email ALL staff.  We are here to help, just ask.  

Monday 10th May


Reading: Please read your personal reading book for at least 30 minutes a day.  Remember to complete the AR quiz (including vocabulary quiz if your book has one).  Please take a screen shot of your quiz result and share with ALL Eagle owl staff.  If you do not have your AR password, please arrange a Google Meets video chat to discuss your book and be given a temporary password.


Word Classes practice

This week we are practicing identifying word class within sentences.  A selection of worksheets and activities have been shared with you.  You can also follow the link below to a BBC Bitesize page which contains lots of links to word class activities.  Choose a word class to practice and complete the activities.

How to Train your Dragon Group:

Please annotate the book cover shared with you in Google Slides.  Next, read chapters 1 & 2 in your copy of the book.  Finally, draw your own picture of the main character ‘Hiccup’  and annotate with evidence form the text what sort of character he is.

White Group:

Please join the English call at 11:10.

SPELLINGS:  ALL spelling groups:

  • You have been set your 2do spelling quiz on Purple Mash (it has been set twice for extra practice).
  • The Look/Cover /Write sheets shared with you on Google drive, please complete by printing and filling out or copying into your Home Learning book.
  • Write a sentence for each of your spellings words to show you know how to use the word. Please complete your sentences in your Home Learning book.

Science:  Bug Hunt

We are beginning our work for our entry to this national competition this week.  Please follow the link here to BBC Bitesize to find out more about classification keys.

A classification key activity has been shared with you on Google Drive.  Try to get outside and explore your garden.  Look carefully at the creatures you find there, but do NOT touch!  Start to think about some questions you would like to research about these creatures.  Write your questions on a Google Doc and share with ALL adults in Eagle Owls.

DT / Art:  Pop-ups

We have learnt several pop-ups for this topic ready for our Dragonology pages for our class book.  We have had a number of pop-up books that we have examined in class, including the original Dragonology.  Design your own pop-up:  try to think of a purpose for your pop-up first.  For example, how could you use it on your Dragonology page?  It could be quite simple, or if you’re feeling confident, more complex.

If you can, take a photo of your pop-up and send it ALL staff in Eagle Owls.  Otherwise, bring into school for your next DT / Art lesson.


This week we are assessing using a variety of papers. If you are at home you can go to MathsFrame and look at a variety of different maths topics so you are ready for assessment when you return to school.


This week we are looking at how coastlines change, including the recent landslide along the Norfolk coast. We will look more closely at erosion along the beach and investigate human geography and it’s effects along the coast.


Please go to Language Angels and move to the next lesson from last week. Remember you are all in different groups. 


We are looking at the Islamic Faith and what that represents. 


We are using ESPRESSO CODING which you can access from home. Please continue with where you got to in school.