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Eagle Owls

Home Learning for any children at home this week who are able to work.

Week beginning Monday 21st September

Maths: X  by 10 100 and 1000. A selection of Challenge Cards have been shared with you on Google Drive. There are lots of different challenges and word problems. Work though at least 2 a day if you are well and are able to.  Complete in your Home Learning books.


ENGLISH: Persuasive writing

Read through the selection of adverts shared with you on Google drive.

The adverts use different methods for persuasion:  technical/science, emotive language (emotional) and repetition.

There is an advert for each type of persuasion and also a blank picture.  The file name tells you which is which.

Look at each type of persuasive advert, then open the same blank picture and add your own persuasive sentences using the same type of persuasive language.

e.g.  Technical / science advert.  Read the advert and open the technical / science picture file and add your own technical / science persuasive sentences.  You can completely make it up –it doesn’t have to be fact.

Complete all three across the week.  You can complete on Google drive and share with Eagle Owl adults or write your sentences in your Home Learning book.

Sentence level work:

A selection of worksheets has been shared with you on drive focusing on basic punctuation.  Complete a selection of the worksheets over the week.


This week’s spellings sheets have been shared with you on Google Drive.  All the spelling groups work will be shared with everyone in Eagle Owls, so check the list below for your group.  You also have a Purple Mash 2do x2 set for you – just like we do when you are at school.

Red group:  Y6

Blue group: Y5

Some of you will have individual spellings, which will be shared with you.


Science: Forces

Complete the research sheet which has been shared with you on Google Drive.  There is a second file which has also been shared with you that contains a list of helpful website to use for your research.


Art / DT:  Bread making

We are making white bread at school.  Follow this link for the recipe we are using:    If you are able, use the recipe to make your own white bread loaf at home, there is a useful video on the website to help you.  Ensure you discuss with your parents first.


We will be looking at what the Romans left behind to benefit people who remained using the BBC Class Clips:


In computing we will contineu to think about our online safety through the Play Like Share Videos which can be found here:


Mrs Hamilton has emailed you your login details to access the games on Language Angels. Have a go at some of the fun activities to practise the language we have learnt in school.