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Reception parents – Please upload photos of any home learning to your child’s Tapestry account so that we can share learning together. 

Year 1 parents – Please share any photos on Class Dojo messages 

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Miss Church via Class Dojo 


Helpful Resources:



Here are the links for the online reading books:

Perason Active Learn link below. Joining instructions are on Class Dojo Story.

Oxford Owl e-books are split into colour book bands: Oxford Owl home reading If you need any guidance with which colour book band to choose, please contact me.


Google Meet video calls will be taking place daily. Please see below for the adjusted times and only join when it is your child’s group time.

Group 1: 9:15 – 9:30am

Group 2: 9:35 – 9:50am

Group 3: 9:55 – 10:10am

Group 4 (Year 1s) – 10:15 -10:30am

All children invited – 2pm daily


World Book Day – Thursday 4th March

Next week we will be celebrating World Book Day! Please follow this link for further information:

World Book Day flyer


Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Phonics – Reception

Today’s new tricky word is – was

Before you learn it, practise all of our tricky words so far. You could try some of these ideas:

  • Write your tricky words with magnetic letters
  • Stick your tricky words onto skittles or bottles and see if you can bowl a ball to each tricky word
  • Hide your tricky words around your house and then go on a hunt to find them all!

Then, write our new tricky word in rainbow colours and try to include it in a sentence. E.g. I was eating my lunch.


Phonics – Year 1

Learn your next tricky word today by referring to the list at the top of this page.

Write it in lots of rainbow colours and then write a sentence or two that includes your new tricky word today.

You could also practise the tricky words you already know by using one of the activities in the reception phonics section today.


Maths – Reception

Watch the second video on this link t today:

Go on a shape hunt today! You might like to look around your home, or out and about!

What shapes can you see?

How many sides do they have?

What shape did you see the most of?


Maths – Year 1

Watch the third video for this week’s maths:
Then, complete the worksheet: Y1-Spring-Block-3-WO-Adding-lengths-2020
Topic – Reception & Year 1

Try drawing some of the jungle/rainforest animals that you thought about yesterday.

You can use these step-by-step instructions to help you: t-l-52275-step-by-step-drawing-jungle-animals-activity-sheets_ver_1

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

CHANGE TO VIDEO CALLS AS OF TODAY – There will now be the morning video calls as normal, and one afternoon call for all children in Owlets at 2pm.

Phonics – Reception

Today’s new trigraph sound is – igh

This is a TRIGRAPH sound – it has 3 letters together than make 1 sound.

Visit the Espresso website:

(Login details: username student23555 password: melton)
Follow these steps to reach the Phonics: Foundation > Phonics > Polly’s Phonics
Click on ‘igh’ and watch the video.

Watch this Alphablocks video:

Then, complete this activity: igh worksheet


Phonics – Year 1

Today’s new digraph sound is – oe

Visit the Espresso website:

(Login details: username student23555 password: melton)
Follow these steps to reach the Phonics: Key Stage 1 > English > Phonics > Ash’s Phonics
Click on ‘oe’ and watch the video. Then, complete the activities on the RH side of the video


Maths – Reception

Watch the first video on this link today:

Today, have a go at making a 2D shape picture. Click on this PDF for some ideas, but be creative and make your own!

2D Shape picture ideas


Maths – Year 1

Watch the second video for this week’s maths:
Then, complete today’s worksheet: Y1-Spring-Block-3-WO2-Measure-length-1-2019
Topic – Reception & Year 1

What animals live in the jungle or the rainforest?

Watch this Go Jetters video to find out more about the Amazon Rainforest:

Then, perhaps have a go at making a mask of your favourite rainforest/jungle animal.

Use this poster for some ideas about the types of animals you might choose from.

Jungle:Rainforest Animal Poster


Monday 1st March 2021

Big Write

Next week we will be going back to school! What are you looking forward to about coming back to school?

Reception – Write 1-2 sentences to accompany your picture with support. Remember to put a full stop at the end of each sentence.

Year 1 –Write 3-4 sentences to accompany your picture. Remember to check for capital letters, fingers spaces, full stops and sense.


Maths – Reception

This week we will be learning about 2D shapes. 2D shapes are flat shapes.

Watch this Numberblocks video:

Then, have a go at making some shape monsters like the ones here: