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Home Learning

Handy resources:

  • Sounds chart (to help with sounding out spellings) Sounds Chart
  • Espresso online login – Username is student23555 and password is melton
  • RWI-Complex-sounds-chart  This may help with spelling unknown words.  It is organised by sound and shows different ways of writing the sound.
  • Word class poster to help identify each type of word


Home Learning for any children at home this week who are able to work.

Week beginning 7.12.20

Please contact if you have any questions – thank you.


We are spending time this week learning how to read and spell some different tricky words. 

These are some of the tricky words we will be focusing on: 







Are there any others that you always forget to spell? Try the activities using those specific words! 

  1. Play bingo with some of these words with people at home! 
  2. Write the words large, small, in different colours, in bubble letters etc.
  3. Focus on a word, put each letter of that word onto a post-it or small piece of paper, jumble up the post-its – can you re-order the letters? 
  4. Can you come up with a mnemonic to help you remember certain spellings? E.g. when > witches have evil noses


Big Write: What are you looking forward to about Christmas? Do you have your decorations up yet? Have you seen any Christmas lights near where you live?

English tasks: This week we are going to be reading and enjoying other fairytale stories. We will be looking at Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin amongst others. 

Try these tasks: 

  1. Rapunzel by Bethan Woolvin – YouTube What did you notice about this story? 
  2. Can you make a Sock Puppet story? You can use this app to help! ‎Sock Puppets Complete on the App Store ( 
  3. Find some fairytales you haven’t read or heard of before. Who wrote them? Have you discovered a new favourite? 

In school we will be watching this CBeebies production of Hansel and Gretel:   


We will be focusing on money this week. Watch these videos in this order to learn more about money: 

  1. UK Coins Explained for Kids – Maths Money Learning Video – YouTube (Year 2 this should be a useful recap) 
  2. KS1 Maths: Recognising and Counting UK Coins – YouTube (You may wish to pause the video to give time to work out the answer, the number of coins to add does get quite challenging!) 

Year 1 can complete these activities: 

  1. Have a hunt around the house for any coins! Look at them closely, can you make a coin rubbing using a wax crayon with the coin underneath the paper for each coin you find? 
  2. Can you order the coins in value, from smallest to largest? You could use this sheet from Twinkl to help you: t2-m-2290-coin-ordering-cut-and-paste-activity-sheet_ver_6.pdf ( 
  3. How many different ways can you combine different coins to total 10p? Draw the coins for each combination. You could try doing this for 20p or even 50p! 

Year 2 can complete these activities: 

  1. Y2 – Counting pence (WRM) 
  2. Counting mixed coins t-n-5385-counting-mixed-coins-worksheets-_ver_6.pdf ( 
  3. Count money – pounds Count money – Pounds
  4. Select money Select money Y2


In school we are finishing off our puppets. If you’ve been busy making a puppet at home, or tried out some other crafting activities, what have you been pleased with? What went well? What was tricky? Have you learnt a new skill?


Mrs Hamilton has emailed you your login details to access the games on Language Angels. Have a go at some of the fun activities to practise the language we have learnt in school.