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Home Learning

Welcome back to the second part of the summer term! We hope you had a lovely, sunny half term break. We really enjoyed seeing those of you that could make it to our Google Meets just before half term. Thank you for joining us – it was great to hear all that you’ve been up to! We are hoping to plan in some more of these so keep an eye out on this page for future ‘Meets’ 🙂

We have re-arranged the page slightly so now you will see Year 1 and Year 2 work together on the same date. Please continue to look for your year group for the English and Maths activities, then the Topic activity will be for both year groups to access. Thank you for sharing your work with us, we have loved seeing all that you have been busy doing. Please continue to use the Home Learning book as a record of the work your child is completing. If you have any questions or comments please contact either myself (Mrs Lee) or Mrs Bligh by using our email addresses below.          or ( for Mrs Bligh)

Keep an eye on our LMPS Facebook page for any extra fun challenges you can try!

Thank you

Mrs Lee and Mrs Bligh



Under the Sea Dioramas

Take a look here at the collection of Art and DT dioramas you have been busy crafting and constructing. They look fantastic! Under the Sea Dioramas

(Please email Mrs Lee any other photos if you would like your work to feature in the collection! Thank you)


Our School Sports Partnership is releasing different challenges that can be done from home. You can have a go at them if you like!  You can film them and send them in with your email or straight on to our Drive?  (with parent permission) or maybe just use them for ideas at home. Go to the site for ideas:

Handy resources:

  • Sounds chart (to help with sounding out spellings) Sounds Chart
  • Espresso online login – Username is student23555 and password is melton
  • RWI-Complex-sounds-chart  This may help with spelling unknown words.  It is organised by sound and shows different ways of writing the sound.
  • Word class poster to help identify each type of word

Everyday tasks:

  • Read for 10-20 minutes and please record in your reading record (do an Accelerated Reader quiz if appropriate).
  • Play a board game or draw a picture.
  • Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Y2: Practice your spellings  – Purple mash has some useful spelling resources.  Log on and click English  →  Spelling Resources  →  Year 2.  There are 3 activities per week (LSCW, Dictation, Quiz) organised by Term and week.  Here is an overview document showing which words are covered in which week  Year 2 spelling overview  Please email with any queries.

Year 1 and Year 2

*NEW* Year 1 have been busy writing riddles about African animals. You can read them here – can you guess the animal? Make sure to put it onto slideshow view! Year 2 if you’ve been inspired to write a riddle, feel free to send it to Mrs Lee and it can be added to the slideshow 🙂

*Thursday 16th July*

  • YEAR 1 English – This is a puppet performance of ‘I want my hat back’. Watch this and see how they use puppets. Now, try making your own finger puppets to tell a story! This could be a story you know well, or a brand new story you can invent. Here is a set of finger puppets to give you an idea: T-T-17099-Snow-White-Finger-Puppets
  • YEAR 1 Maths – We are going for an LMPS world record today! What things can you do in 1 minute? Find out how many of each activity you can do in 1 minute. First try to estimate and write the amount in the table. Then start a timer for 1 minute and count carefully! Use this sheet to record your answers: t-n-5428-what-can-you-do-in-a-minute-activity-sheet_ver_1 Can you say how many seconds are in 1 minute? Which activity did you score the best on? Which was the trickiest to do quickly?
  • YEAR 2 English –Listen  to Sleep Well Siba and Saba.  What would be your dream for the future?  To visit the moon?  To ride on a unicorn?  To invent something amazing?  Maybe you could draw or write about your future dream.
  • YEAR 2 Maths – Use your maths skills to solve this maths mystery!  Solve the clues and use the information about the suspects to decide who destroyed all the sandcastles at Oyster Bay.  Maths Mystery sandcastle.  Here are the answers Maths Mystery sandcastle answers.
  • Topic – Continue with your Africa booklet.  Look at this presentation to find out about some of the wonderful natural features in Africa. Africa Landmarks powerpoint.  Suggested task: Create a quiz from the facts you have learned about natural features.  Use folded paper to make question cards – a question on the front and the answer hidden under the flap.  OR  make a matching game with squares of paper – the name of a natural feature on one and a fact about it on another.


Wednesday 15th July

  • YEAR 1 English –Today, I’d like you to choose your favourite book. This could be non-fiction or fiction. Who wrote the book? What is it about? You could do this on paper or on the computer. Have a go at copying the front cover (or if you are on the computer you could research the front cover and cut and paste it onto a Word document with some help from people at home!) Here is a book review template you could use: you could share your review with me please that would be great – I can put all your reviews together and create a collection of the Snowy Owls’ most loved books!
  • YEAR 1 Maths – It’s Day 3 of our Maths Olympics! Today is the throwing event. Can you find or make some hoops or spots to throw and score points onto? Spread out the hoops in a line – like a traffic light! The one nearest to you is worth 2 points, the middle one is worth 5 points and the furthest hoop is worth 10 points. Throw three balls in 1 attempt. You could throw beanbags or beanie toys if you have them, or you could scrunch up newspaper to make three balls! What is your score? Repeat for two more attempts. Record your addition sentences e.g. 2 + 2 + 10 = 14. What is your highest score? What is your lowest score? Use this sheet to record your scores if you wish: 
  • YEAR 2 English – Here is another story to enjoy.  Anna Hibiscus’ Song is set in Africa:  What do you do when you are happy?  How would you cheer up somebody who was feeling sad?
  • YEAR 2 Maths – Practice your times tables with this colour by number Emoji sheet.  Emoji multiplication There are three sheets each with a different combination of times tables to practice.  The answers are included as well.
  • PE -Try this Moana Cosmic Kids Yoga to make us think of the summer! You may wish to try this Guided Relaxation afterwards: Butterfly


Tuesday 14th July

*YEAR 2 Google Meet-up today at 10:30*

  • YEAR 1 English -This week will be all about the love of books! I’ve found a new book I hadn’t seen before – it is written by Emily Gravett and the title is; ‘Cyril and Pat’. Emily Gravett reads it here on Youtube: Have a think about your favourite book. What is it called? What is it about? Why do you like it? Tomorrow we will be having a go at writing a book review.
  • YEAR 1 MathsToday the event is…the long jump! Can you measure how far you can jump from a standing position? You might have a tape measure at home that you can stretch out indoors or in your garden. If not, the length of a piece of A4 paper is about 30cm long so you could put sheets of A4 paper lengthways to help you measure how far you can jump! Record your prediction first, then try 3 attempts. You can use this document to record if you’d like:
  • YEAR 2 English – Listen to Mama Panya’s Pancakes which is set in Africa.  There are some interesting facts at the end of the book which may help with your Africa topic and also a pancake recipe which you may want to use for maths.
  • YEAR 2 MathsCooking – Choose one of the recipes for African food (under Topic, below) and have a go at cooking it.  How many maths skills will you use?
  • Topic – Continue with your Africa booklet. Look at this presentation about some of the foods eaten in Africa.  African food  Suggested tasks: 1. Draw and label some of the cooked foods.  Can you find out what the raw ingredients are and draw those too?  2. Try out some African cooking using one of the recipes here African-recipes  or try Mama Panya’s Pancakes  Mama Panya’s Pancakes.  Describe what you made using all five senses.

The pancakes, chapati’s and mandazi are easily made from store-cupboard ingredients – others may require a trip to the shop!


Monday 13th July

  • YEAR 1 English – Big Write –  What are you looking forward to doing in the summer holidays? Are there any new hobbies you might try? Where would you like to go? Remember to check for CFFS and use ‘because’ or ‘and’ to add more information to your sentences! 
  • YEAR 1 Maths – We are going to do a Mini Maths Olympics this week! The Year 2s competed last week…now it is our turn! Today the Olympic Event is…star jumps! How many do you think you could do in 1 minute? This is called a prediction. Write this down, then try three times across the day to do 1 minute of star jumps. Does the number you can do go up across the day or not? Use this sheet if you’d like to record the Star Jump event: If you want to test out your prediction skills, try these: how many times can you write your first name in 1 minute? How many laps of your garden do you think you could run? How many times could you put on and take off your shoes? Try using a timer on a device or a stopwatch – do you know how many seconds there are in 1 minute?
  • YEAR 2 English – Big Write – What have you enjoyed most about being in year 2?  Something you learned?  A school trip, visitor or after school activity? Remember CFFS and use ‘because’ ‘so’ ‘but’ to extend your sentences.
  • Year 2 Maths – Do you have a favourite number?  What is it and why is it your favourite?  Think of different ways to represent your number and make a mini poster. (If you don’t have a favourite then choose the age of somebody at home or use your house number). Suggestions: write number sentences that equal your number; go on a walk and see if you can spot your number (houses and car registrations are good!); represent your number with arrays (e.g. a muffin tin for the number 12).
  • RE and Spanish –  Please access the work set by Mrs Hamilton in this folder. Click on the Word Document to see the activities for Monday 13th July. Please share your work or any questions you may have using this email address:


Friday 10th July

  • YEAR 1 English – Imagining Sunny was at your house, what would Sunny write on his postcard back to his family in the Kalahari Desert? Write the postcard, thinking about the food he might have, what the weather would be like, what he might be missing from the Kalahari Desert and anything else about his stay!
    Here is a postcard template if you’d like to use it:
  • YEAR 1 Maths -Today we will continue to practise describing the position of objects. Just a quick recap – can you remember your left and right? Watch this video and look out for the drawing task in the middle of the video to have a go at: Try this worksheet: Y1 Maths 10.7.20

YEAR 2 Google Meet-up today at 10:30

  • YEAR 2 English –  Practice your punctuation by playing another BBC Small Town Superheroes game.  Click to play.  Select Ernie’s Punctuation game (you may need to scroll through the game selection using the yellow arrows at the side of the screen).
  • YEAR 2 Maths – Try the White Rose challenge. Click on the link and select Week 11 (w/c 6th July) – Friday Challenge  The answers are provided and there is a certificate to print out!
  • DT – Have a go at creating an African animal model from salt-dough.  Here is a salt dough recipe and some examples to inspire you  Salt Dough Recipe .  There are step-by-step instructions for many animals online in case you’re stuck for ideas.  Here are instructions for a rhino  Rhino inst.  They take a while to dry so next week’s task is to paint your model.