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Home Learning

Handy resources:

  • Sounds chart (to help with sounding out spellings) Sounds Chart
  • Espresso online login – Username is student23555 and password is melton
  • RWI-Complex-sounds-chart  This may help with spelling unknown words.  It is organised by sound and shows different ways of writing the sound.
  • Word class poster to help identify each type of word


Home Learning for any children at home this week who are able to work.

Week beginning 21.9.20

Phonics – We are recapping or learning these sounds this week: ur, ure, er, wh and ph. 

Watch the video on Youtube (Mr Thorne does Phonics) for the relevant sound:

Monday: ur

Tuesday: ure

Wednesday: er

Thursday: wh

Friday: ph

Please use the Phonics Play website to practise using these sounds – you could play Buried Treasure or Picnic on Pluto to practise reading the sounds. Can you have a go at spelling some words with these sounds in too?  



This week we will be learning about what a noun is. 

Watch this video to find out: 

You will find out about common nouns and proper nouns on this video. Try the quizzes underneath the video to test your understanding. 

Can you go on a noun hunt around your house? Name all the items you find e.g. radiator, lamp, bookcase etc. 

Can you write a sentence using a noun? Can you think of a sentence with a proper noun and a common noun? 



We will be continuing to work with numbers and place value this week, with Year 2 concentrating on numbers up to 100 and Year 1 focusing on numbers up to 20. 

Several activity ideas: 

  • Play snakes and ladders
  • go on a number hunt around your house
  • Count forwards and backwards from different numbers 
  • Find one more or one less than a given number
  • Count objects you have a lot of! E.g. toy cards, teddies, pokemon cards, beads


This week we are going to be learning about how we can describe objects in terms of their material properties. Watch this video from Oak Academy: 

Choose 5 items in your house to describe. Can you remember and select some of the words from the video to help describe them? Try to draw and label these items. 


We are continuing to use primary and secondary colours only this week. Can you remember those specific colours? Can you paint/draw and colour a picture just using these colours? 

(Primary colours – red, blue and yellow)

(Secondary colours – orange, green and purple)



Mrs Hamilton has emailed you your login details to access the games on Language Angels. Have a go at some of the fun activities to practise the language we have learnt in school.