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Knowledge Organiser Quizzes

There is a special Knowledge Organiser prize quiz to accompany each topic. Click on the links below if you would like to have a go, including of the ones in our archive.

Snowy Owls (Year 1/2)

Family Trees

Nature Detectives

How does your Garden Grow?


Once upon a Time

Houses and Homes

Wild in Africa

Blue Planet

Healthy Me

Weather & Nature

Nature Detectives

By The Seaside

My Home


Barn Owls (Year 3/4)



Norwich Through The Ages


Stone Age Bone Age

Queen Victoria

Henry VII

Around the World in 80 Days

Ancient Egypt

Digestion & Teeth

Volcanoes & Earthquakes


Eagle Owls (Year 5/6)

All Living Things- Plants & Animals

Romans/Earth, Sun and Moon

Forces/Maya Civilisation

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons


Animals including Humans

Ancient Greece

Evolution & Inheritance

Living Things & Their Habitats


All Living Things

Leisure & Entertainment