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This page has lesson information for Home Learning for any children at home who are able to work.

Please complete any work on Drive and share with ALL adults in Eagle Owls or in Home Learning books. If you have any questions, remember to email, or


Personal Reading: Read your personal reading book for at least 20mins. You can also do Accelerated Reader quizzes by following this link.

Remember that you can now also read books by logging on to MyOn.

SPAG: Revise any punctuation /grammar of your choice by following the link below to BBC Bitesize and choosing one of the lessons.


You can do any of these websites:

Nrich will let you choose the topic and has many challenges to keep you busy! Some are interactive if you are able to play online

Topmarks has engaging activities on all our topics in maths. It also has the Hit the Button – a great game for times tables

There is a quick fire times table resource here on MathsFrame – but you can change the time to suit as well as the times tables that you need to practice.



Go to
Click on the red Home School button
Click Login
Click Free (if your school uses Language Angels)
Enter username: Little2025 and password: lahome
Select the French Flag at the top of the page
Under the yellow Intermediate Level Challenge, select: Unit 1: En Classe
Click Lesson 4 and Start Lesson
This is a tricky one with lots to learn this week. Go through the slide show and then complete the listening activity. Have a go at the writing activity after this – you can choose your level of challenge.


This half term our topic is Living Things and their Habitats.  You can read through this term’s knowledge organiser to remind you what we are learning about.

Follow the link below to BBC Bitesize and find out about the classification system for animals.

Follow the link below to discover more about micro-organisms on BBC Bitesize.

Follow the link below to DK Findout.  This page has information and many links for you to discover more about classification of animals.


There are a series of videos on OAK ACADEMY that cover BIOMES:

Further activities

Visit a museum

Watch wildlife

Purple Mash

Cosmic Yoga

Draw with Rob Biddulph

PE with Joe Wicks


Get creative with classical music

Educational games