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Eagle Owls

Home Learning for any children at home this week following Covid restrictions.  Please do the following into your Home Learning Books, or as instructed.

If you have any questions or get stuck on any work, please email ALL staff.  We are here to help, just ask.  

Week Beginning Monday 28th June


Reading: Please read your personal reading book for at least 30 minutes a day.  Remember to complete the AR quiz (including vocabulary quiz if your book has one).  Please take a screen shot of your quiz result and share with ALL Eagle owl staff.  If you do not have your AR password, please arrange a Google Meets video chat to discuss your book and be given a temporary password.


Norfolk Beaches project:  please check your emails for the instructions which have been shared with you on Drive.

SPAG:  Active and passive voice

Please follow the link below to BBC Bitesize and watch the video and complete the online quizzes.  If you completed this yesterday, please login to and complete the work set.

Maths:  This weeks pages have been shared with you on Google Drive.  Please work from the sheets and complete on paper.

Art / DT:  Pop-ups

Please continue with your final pages for our Dragonology class book.  If you can, continue to make the pop-ups and page.  


Last week, you choose one of the options below to make a poster. This week, please make a second poster using a different option from the list below.  Research and create a poster for display either on Google Slides or on paper.

  • Do all frogs live on the ground?
  • Does the spawn of frogs, toads and newts look the same?
  • What do amphibians eat? What eats amphibians?
  • Do all tadpoles develop in ponds? (hint Midwife Toad).


Don’t forget this is sports week and the class will be engaging in a variety of outside activities – you can have a go at homemade cricket (using a saucepan and cleaning sponge??!!) or be as resourceful and imaginative as you like. Why not bounce on your trampoline or see how many times you can jog around your garden! Send us pictures of you being active if you can! 

Topic – WATER

This week we are looking at the new knowledge organiser:

Please have a look at it and if you are able to – you can research the terms that are in the vocabulary box so that you are clear with what they mean. There are 2 sheets so be sure to have a look at both. 


We are preparing for the fashion show in 2 weeks time. If you are ready for your own then while you are at home you can prepare a SLIDE (google) show using famous people like you saw in the lesson (Ron Weasley). You can write what they are wearing in french around the outside. You can, of course, feature in the photos yourself and do a range of different outfits if you like! You could even add music (if you know how!!) 


We are using ESPRESSO CODING which you can access from home. Please continue with where you got to in school.