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Owlets Home Learning


The Home Learning for any children self-isolating who are well enough to work is written below. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Miss Church via Class Dojo.


Helpful Resources:



Oxford Owl e-books are split into colour book bands: Oxford Owl home reading If you need any guidance with which colour book band to choose, please contact me.



Please access all of Mrs Hamilton’s videos by following this link:

The Owlets have also been doing this song at school in Spanish:–ks2-mfl-spanish-greetings-with-ben-shires/zfksqp3



Home Learning Week Commencing Tues 4th April 2021



  • Big Write

Last week we were learning about ocean pollution and all the plastic/rubbish in the sea. What creatures live in the sea that we want to protect? See if you can find out about some interesting, unusual creatures! Draw a picture and then…

Reception – Write 1-2 sentences with adult help.

Year 1 – Write 2-3 sentences, as independently as possible. Remember to check for capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

  • Spanish

For the next few weeks, we will be learning the colours in Spanish. Watch this week’s video:

Wednesday – Friday


Phonics – Reception & Year 1

Wednesday – This week’s tricky word for reception is – SAID. Think of a sentence that contains this word and write the word in lots of rainbow colours. Try to write a simple sentence containing this word, making sure you don’t forget to use a capital letter, fingers spaces and a full stop.

For Y1, learn your next tricky word as we have been doing. Write 2 sentences with your new tricky word in.

Thursday – Sort out the /oi/ and /ow/ digraphs into the correct words. Cut out the digraphs and stick them in the correct places. oi and ow sorting

Friday – Spend some time practising your reading today.


Maths – Reception

This week we will be learning how to take away numbers by counting back.

Wednesday – Can you count back from 10? Notice how the numbers were getting smaller. Can you make a number line from 10 to 1? 

Watch this video:

And then complete this activity: Counting backwards number tracks

Thursday – Use your toys to make a pretend bus – no more than 10 passengers! Make up stories together about how many people get off at each stop.

Then, practise saying the number work to go with it. E.g.

First there were 5 children on the bus. Then 2 people got off the bus. Now there are 3 people on the bus. So 5 take away 2 equals 3. 

Friday – Watch this video:


Maths – Year 1

This week we will be learning about halving. 

Wednesday – Use some food from your kitchen. How could we cut it in half to share fairly/equally between two people? Can any of the objects be cut in half in a different way? 

Look at these photos and discuss what you can see. Real life halves

Thursday – Remember that one half is one of two equal groups. Can you cut out and then half the food to share it equally between the lunch boxes? Stick them down with glue. Lunch box halving



Topic – Reception & Year 1

WednesdayWe currently have live caterpillars in our classroom to go into a butterfly garden. Lots of the children have been asking about how the caterpillars will turn into butterflies and when.

Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar story if you have it, or enjoy the story here:

Recap the story:

  • What happened to the caterpillar as he ate more and more?
  • What did he turn into before he became a butterfly?
  • How will the butterfly start again as a caterpillar?

Thursday – We are making handprint caterpillars at school today! Click on the link for some inspiration!

Friday – We are making wiggly split pin caterpillars today at school!

  • Cut out circles using brightly coloured paper
  • Decorate face and add antennae 
  • Use split pins to attach body pieces