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Owlets Home Learning

This page is for Reception children who are at home but able to engage in learning. For Year 1 children, please refer to the Snowy Home Learning page.



Log into your eBook library on the app or by following this link and enjoy reading the books that have been assigned to you so far. Remember to practise adding expression to your reading and think about what is happening in the story. You could also play some games with your story such as ‘Can you find the word ‘the’?’ or ‘Can you find something on this page that starts with the /sh/ sound?’.

Enjoy reading the books you have at home too. Use different voices for the characters and predict what might happen next.

You could have a go at making your own book!


Phonics – Some ideas… pick a couple that you would like to do.

Use your sound cards and tricky word cards to keep practising the phonics we have learnt so far. Try using your sound cards on the floor in sequence to sound out some words e.g. h-a-t or sh-e-ll. Then try putting these words into a sentence e.g. My hat is big. The shell is pink.

Play some of the free games on this website:

Watch Alphablocks on iPlayer:

Helpful resources for phonics:


Maths – Some ideas… pick a couple that you would like to do.

Watch Numberblocks on iPlayer:

Practise writing your numbers using this guide: Number Formation

Go on a shape hunt at home! What shapes can you see and where? Why do you think the things you find are the shapes they are?

Count the stairs in your house. Try counting forwards as you go up the stairs and backwards as you come back down!

Make a treasure hunt for someone in your family. Hide a certain number of things and then challenge someone in your family to find them all. You could give clues as to their whereabouts by using positional language such as ‘on top of the sideboard, under the table, behind the bin’ etc.

Helpful resources for maths:


Other ideas 

Enjoy some yoga!

Try some drawing with Rob Biddulph

CBeebies games

BBC science experiments for home
Watch Edinburgh Zoo Live webcams
Listen to some of your favourite music and have a dance!