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Eagle Owls

Fossils and Worry Dolls…

In Science this week Eagle Owls used  close observation skills whilst looking at real fossils from the Teacher Science Network project boxes with magnifying glasses.


They also explored ways to ease anxiety and made Guatemalan Worry Dolls – according to legend, Guatemalan children tell their worries to the Worry Dolls, placing them under their pillow when they go to bed at night. The dolls  take the worries from the children so they can sleep easy. We made them from pipe cleaners and decorated them with woollen clothes!

End of Unit work

Eagle Owls have completed their history topic on changes that happened in the Twentieth Century. They worked in mixed age group pairs to compile a set of slides (Google Drive) that have a range of features and animations. Some had links to videos and musical clips. We have all enjoyed sharing these projects and the children enjoyed doing their research and using the technology. Well done Eagle Owls. Here are a few of their slides…

Happy Christmas!

Eagle Owls wish you all a Merry Christmas! They have been busy making and decorating Christmas cakes, light up Christmas cards and adding to their Sketchbooks.

Don’t forget to check out the Science behind these light up cards by finding this tab: Science/STEM – Circuits with Eagle Owls 2021



Light-up Christmas Cards

Eagle Owls have been using their knowledge of circuits to create light-up Christmas cards in DT.

Christmas Cakes

Eagle Owls have been busy cooking again, this time making Christmas Cakes.  We hope you enjoy the photos of our cakes and our sketchbook pages recording our work.

Eagle Owls have had a new addition to the classroom for December – although he was a day late!!

Welcome to the Elf, who is rarely on the shelf…. Pupils have to work out where Elf has taken off to – by solving a riddle!

Can you spot where the cheeky elf is?


He can be a very naughty elf….


Eagle Owls continue to learn how to play an instrument

This week Eagle Owls have their most challenging music project ever – they are hoping to learn how to play along to a song from the Christmas play! They will need to practice lots, but we are pretty impressed with their efforts after only one day! Well done.

Electricity – circuits

Eagle Owls continue to learn about completing circuits with a range of electrical items. They have looked at the universal symbols for each component so that they can represent them in diagram form as well as create them from a given template.


National Science Day

Eagle Owls supported Owlets with their fruit and vegetables to see if they could be made into a ‘battery’ and make a bulb light up.