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Eagle Owls

Brilliant Bake Off!

What an amazing, talented class we have! Eagle Owls got together and entered 20 groups to the class Bake Off competition. They made a wide range of dishes, from starters to mains to desserts and cakes. It was fantastic! We had 2 School Governors and our Miss Ross do the judging – so they had no previous knowledge of our children and gave the groups marks out of 10 for taste, presentation and skill level. It was all very professional – we want to say a special well done to Mrs Awbery and Mrs Graves who organised the whole thing and didn’t sit down all day!! Well done to the whole class – what life skills they are learning with us! Here are some pictures of this excellent day.

…….and our amazing 2022 WINNERS

Eagle Owls had a lovely end the half term with some Platinum Jubilee art

The whole school have had a lovely end to the half term, learning about the Platinum Jubilee and doing different arts and crafts to celebrate. We hope you all have a fun week and make lots of historical memories with your little ones for the Jubilee weekend.

We all had a biscuit and squash outside at the end of term.

Creating a variety of Jubilee art

Eagle Owls made some souvenir ‘coins’ for the celebration of 70 years on the throne!

Eagle Owls had a busy sport week as well – we had 16 pupils (Y5/6 boys and girls)  go to a Cricket event at Eaton Park on Wednesday and our Y5/6 girls had Day 2 of the Netball Tournament at City academy Norwich.


We were able to use some different Year 5 pupils for Day 2! We don’t quite have enough for 2 teams…

Dance Showcase JUNE 15th!

Practice goes on with our ‘I believe that we will win’ performance – this week we performed in front of the AfPE validator who was very impressed!

Eagle Owls have an edible lesson while learning about the mean or average

Eagle Owls always have a Skittle Math’s lesson when SATs are drawing near, both as a bit of fun, but also as a practical way of learning about finding the mean or average of a set of data. It just so happens that our data is edible! An educational tasty time was had by all!


Science learning in Eagle Owls

Eagle Owls Science displays of the pupils work.

A very sporty week!

Eagle Owls had an excellent time at their PGL residential experience just before we broke up for Easter. There are some photos of their time just inside the mobile if you would like to have a look at parents evening in the next couple of weeks! They will receive a USB of photos at the end of the year.

This week they have started to prepare for the Dance Showcase in June, and began to learn how to play Handball.

World Book Day and Animalium

Eagle Owls all thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day and created a book cover of one of their favourite books. We hope that you will agree they have done an excellent job!

They have also continued with their watercolours based on the book ‘Animalium’. Here

is a sample of some of their work.

You’ve already done half a year!

The whole school had a visit from The Yorkshire Building Society on Friday to help them think about managing money (RHE). In Eagle Owls the pupils really enjoyed planning their parties and all the exciting things that they could include. However they then had to add up the costs and multiply for the numbers invited. Following that they had some long division to do so that they could see how much they would need to charge per ticket in order to cover costs. It was really interesting and they had lots of fun!


We also had a team of very able mathematicians visit Norwich Cathedral to represent the school in a maths quiz. They were working in pairs and had a great time – well done!

Have a good half term break!

Eagle Owls have tried to complete their geography topic of the world’s Biomes. Many have managed to do so, even with the disruptions of the last two weeks. Well done. They have done their own research and then collaborated with a partner to share the information with each other and the produce their pages in their own way.