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Responsibility App’ting Body Register of Interest FGM Attendance Record  (2019-20 July’20)

John Lawrence


Co-Opted 20/01/19 19/01/23

Finance & Resources




Sports Premium

GB None to Declare 6/6

Susan Head

Vice Chair

Co-Opted 5/04/19 5/04/23 Standards & Curriculum RSE (SIDP 2) Co-Opted None to Declare 5/6
Paul Fisher Parent 6/10/20 5/20/24 Standards & Curriculum Early Years Parent Body None to Declare
James Dickerson Parent 10/3/17 09/03/21

Finance & Resources

Pay Committee

Attendance  Parent Body  Football Coach 5/6
Dr Paul Linford Co-Opted 20/01/15 19/01/23

Finance & Resources

Pay Committee



GB None to Declare 5/6
Dagan Herculson Co-Opted 30/6/18 30/6/22

Finance & Resources

Pay Committee




Co-opted Construction Development Company 6/6
Alex Grant Co-Opted 5/04/19 5/04/23 Standards & Curriculum Disadvantaged children (inc. LAC) Co-opted Teacher at Norwich School 6/6
Catherine Lovatt Co-Opted 5/04/19 5/04/23 Standards & Curriculum School Performance Data Co-Opted Teacher at Wymondham College 6/6
Alex Pritchard Head Teacher  –

Finance & Resources

Standards & Curriculum

 – None to Declare 6/6
Spyros Themelis Co-Opted 8/3/21 8/3/25 Standards & Curriculum Co-Opted None to Declare
Bethany Church Staff 01/10/19 01/10/23 Standards & Curriculum Co-Opted None to Declare 6/6

Annual Statement of the Governing Body 2019/20

You can also find out more about our Governors on the Governor Profiles page.

Each Governor signs a Declaration of Interests annually (and also as and when needed), that are available to view at the school.

No Governor currently has a governance role in another school.