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Belling Cooking Competition

Eagle Owls entered the Belling Cooking Competition.  Five children designed and made a nutritionally balanced meal favourite dish, and created a poster explaining why they liked it and why it is good for them.  They decided to make a toasted sandwich (Croque Monsieur) but in fun and creative way.  They were shortlisted to the final 10 from across the country, and won the top prize of £2000 worth of Belling cooking equipment.

Eagle Owls Bake Off

In celebration of members of our class winning the Belling National cooking competition and a prize of £2000 of cooking equipment, Eagle Owls hosted a Bake Off competition.  Children could choose to make a starter, main dish or dessert; they could work with a partner or independently.  They created 2 starters, 6 main dishes and 13 desserts!  And, they were ALL delicious!  It was very difficult for the two visiting judges to decide who the winners were, they very impressed with the high standard of food served.


West Runton Trip

West Runton Geography / Science Field Trip

Eagle Owls visited West Runton this term to investigate coastal erosion and pollution, and rock pool life (as part of our Geography topic work and our Science Life Cycles work).  We were lucky with the weather as it was a warm sunny day!  We began with creating a stone graph, showing how large rough stones wear away through the action of the sea, eventually reducing in size until they become sand.  Next, we spotted as many man made pollutants as we could.  Sadly, there was an awful lot! After lunch, we made for the rock pools, looking for any living creatures we could find, and belemnite fossils. The rocks were a little slippery, but everyone remained on their feet, although there were some wet socks that needed to be changed before the bus ride home – but we came prepared!  A very enjoyable day, and it was good to have first-hand experience of our learning.


Eagle Owls studied paintings by the artist Morten Lonvig; this helped us understand how to use tone. We began by researching his work and portraits by other artists in our sketchbooks. They we tried creating our own self-portraits.  Please enjoy some of our sketchbook pages and our self-portraits.

Autumn Term 2017

Owlets Class have been busy making new friends and settling into school this term.

We have enjoyed learning about space along with Key Stage One, exploring what it might be like to be in space and thinking about what we would pack in our bags if we went on a space mission. We even tasted astronaut freeze-dried ice cream!

In December we had a Stay and Play session with our Mummies and Daddies. They stayed with us one morning to do some Christmas craft activities and see what it’s like to be in Owlets Class!

Some of our favourite activities this term have included:

  • Cutting open a pumpkin for Halloween
  • Catching snow on our tongues when it snowed!
  • Having a visitor come to talk to us about Road Safety
  • Going on a science school trip the Norwich Millennium Library
  • Singing in front of our families in the Harvest Festival assembly
  • A karate lesson
  • Taking part in the Christmas play


Autumn 2017

We had a busy term in Eagle Owls!  We began by cooking with the school apples in Design Technology.  We made a selection of apple based recipes including, apple pie, apple crumble, apple shortcake and apple tart.  They were all very tasty!

We wrote spy stories in English after reading the book Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.  We focused on action scenes and how to build tension.  Please enjoy the two examples from our class.

Before Christmas, we began designing and making light-up Christmas cards.  We had been learning about circuits in science, so we built circuits and used LED bulbs to make our cards extra special.

Finally, we made Christmas cakes.  We made one for each of us, and some extra cakes which we gave as a thank you to some of the kind people who come in and help at our school.  The cakes were delicious!

Summer 2017

Bridge Building – Design Technology

In Design Technology this term, we researched and investigated different types of bridges.  We looked at how different shapes are used in their structures to make them strong.  We built our own bridges from Knex to try out our own ideas and designs.  Finally, we had a class competition:  to build the bridge with the longest span that can support 2kg for 5 minutes.


We enjoyed researching famous naturalists, and writing about them in our biographies.  Across our class we chose a wide range of naturalists. We also investigated our school environment, learning about amphibian life cycles (finding evidence of both frogs and newts in our school pond) and completing insect hunts (finding a surprising range of insects on a slightly cloudy and cold day!).

Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017

Design Technology: Bread Making

Eagle Owls have been making bread this term.  We began by tasting and enjoying a range of different                   breads, then we tried making our own basic white loaves.  Next, we moved onto trying a range of                         different flours including: granary, wholemeal, spelt and seeded.  Finally we designed our own sweet                         and savoury breads using a range of ingredients such as chocolate, lemon, dried fruits, cheese, herbs,                       sun-dried tomatoes and more!  We recorded our baking in our sketchbooks and also wrote some useful           instructions.


We have read Dragonology and wrote our own edition of Dragonology. We researched and practised                            a range of pop-up designs.  We used our designs to create a class Dragonology pop-up book, which                     includes our writing from English and our pop-up designs from Design Technology.  We also read How                      to Train Your Dragon and wrote some stories of our own.  Finally, while we were learning about Anglo                 Saxons and Vikings we had two super enrichment days where we were able to dress up as Vikings and                   Anglo Saxons, make wattle and daub walls and even have an authentic feast!

Science: Earth, Sun and Moon

We had great fun in this topic, making models of the solar system, writing to parents to persuade them                         to allow us to attend a super stargazing evening (which included a planetarium, iPad outside viewing of                       the stars, creating Orreries and lots of fun).  We have also enjoyed reading Cosmic as our class reading                     book, and we have enjoyed writing our own stories inspired by the Cosmic characters.

History / Art and Design:  Mayan Mosaics

In History, we have been learning and writing about the Mayans.  This led us to research Mayan mosaics                   (and other mosaics across history and up to present day) allowing us to design and make our own                       mosaics.  We are delighted with our results!  Finally, in case other children would also like to make their                   own mosaics we wrote some simple step-by-step instructions they could follow.







We have had a lovely half term learning all about food and where it comes from. We began the topic by reading “The World Came to My Place Today” and we spread out a world map and placed different foods such as tea, chocolate, bananas and rice across the map. We wrote our own sentences about the different foods and where they come from.

We then moved on to following instructions and we had a floury afternoon making soda bread! Miss Poole made the bread mix and then the children all got to knead the bread. We talked about how the ingredients mixed together change through the baking process. All the children tried a soda bread roll and there were mixed reviews!


The children enjoyed taste testing different fruits such as kiwi fruit and blueberry. They thought of appropriate, adventurous adjectives to describe how the fruit looks, tastes, feels, and smells. We also really loved coming up with our dream dessert recipes. There was a lot of ice cream and chocolate! The children did well to use different imperative verbs for example swirl, drizzle and mix.

We have done lots of dividing and multiplying this half term and food was a very handy topic! We also learned how to recognise and write fractions of halves, quarters and thirds.

We made pizzas out of collage materials and these look great on display. We finished our term by enjoying a fantastic story called “Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast” by Josh Funk and we based our Golden Writing on this story of food coming to life inside a fridge, with some exciting results!