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Summer 2017



Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017

Design Technology: Bread Making

Eagle Owls have been making bread this term.  We began by tasting and enjoying a range of different                   breads, then we tried making our own basic white loaves.  Next, we moved onto trying a range of                         different flours including: granary, wholemeal, spelt and seeded.  Finally we designed our own sweet                         and savoury breads using a range of ingredients such as chocolate, lemon, dried fruits, cheese, herbs,                       sun-dried tomatoes and more!  We recorded our baking in our sketchbooks and also wrote some useful           instructions.


We have read Dragonology and wrote our own edition of Dragonology. We researched and practised                               a range of pop-up designs.  We used our designs to create a class Dragonology pop-up book, which                     includes our writing from English and our pop-up designs from Design Technology.  We also read How                         to Train Your Dragon and wrote some stories of our own.  Finally, while we were learning about Anglo                 Saxons and Vikings we had two super enrichment days where we were able to dress up as Vikings and                   Anglo Saxons, make wattle and daub walls and even have an authentic feast!

Science: Earth, Sun and Moon

We had great fun in this topic, making models of the solar system, writing to parents to persuade them                         to allow us to attend a super stargazing evening (which included a planetarium, iPad outside viewing of                       the stars, creating Orreries and lots of fun).  We have also enjoyed reading Cosmic as our class reading                     book, and we have enjoyed writing our own stories inspired by the Cosmic characters.

History / Art and Design:  Mayan Mosaics

In History, we have been learning and writing about the Mayans.  This led us to research Mayan mosaics                   (and other mosaics across history and up to present day) allowing us to design and make our own                       mosaics.  We are delighted with our results!  Finally, in case other children would also like to make their                   own mosaics we wrote some simple step-by-step instructions they could follow.


Ben’s Story

Ben’s story page 1 Ben’s story page 2 Ben’s story page 3 Ben’s story page 4 


We have had a lovely half term learning all about food and where it comes from. We began the topic by reading “The World Came to My Place Today” and we spread out a world map and placed different foods such as tea, chocolate, bananas and rice across the map. We wrote our own sentences about the different foods and where they come from.



We then moved on to following instructions and we had a floury afternoon making soda bread! Miss Poole made the bread mix and then the children all got to knead the bread. We talked about how the ingredients mixed together change through the baking process. All the children tried a soda bread roll and there were mixed reviews!


The children enjoyed taste testing different fruits such as kiwi fruit and blueberry. They thought of appropriate, adventurous adjectives to describe how the fruit looks, tastes, feels, and smells. We also really loved coming up with our dream dessert recipes. There was a lot of ice cream and chocolate! The children did well to use different imperative verbs for example swirl, drizzle and mix.


We have done lots of dividing and multiplying this half term and food was a very handy topic! We also learned how to recognise and write fractions of halves, quarters and thirds.

We made pizzas out of collage materials and these look great on display. We finished our term by enjoying a fantastic story called “Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast” by Josh Funk and we based our Golden Writing on this story of food coming to life inside a fridge, with some exciting results!



The Snowy Owls have had a very fun, busy and “out-of-this-world” half term! We loved learning about Space. We started by exploring a non-fiction book which asked a lot of questions – so we came up with our own questions too. We found out about what it is like to be an astronaut. We experienced our very own Snowy Owl mission to space. We tried writing underneath the tables to find out how tricky it is to write at a strange angle. We also made and tasted ‘Astronaut Pudding’ which was a hit!


We read “The Way back Home” by one of our favourite authors Oliver Jeffers. It is a great story and we enjoyed thinking about how the characters feel throughout the story. We also worked together to come up with some ways to continue the story.


We learned about Neil Armstrong and his mission to the moon, and we loved hearing the special words he is famous for saying. We also enjoyed exploring a virtual model of the planets. We worked very hard together to make our own papier mache model of the planets along with the sun.


Finally, the class worked extremely hard on the Christmas Play and they thoroughly enjoyed taking part. It was a brilliant way to end a very exciting term!

We have had a very exciting half term in Owlets. We had some duck eggs delivered to us in an incubator and watched as they hatched one-by-one into little ducklings. We had to wait very patiently for them to crack open and then looked after them, making sure they had enough food and water to grow big and strong. When they were a few days old we got the ducklings out of their cage and held them carefully in our hands. Later on we even got them out in the hall and filled a tub up with water for them to have a paddle. It was so funny and they made us giggle lots!


Another exciting thing that happened this term was our first ever school trip! We went to Easton College to visit their farm and had a chance to hold/stroke the baby animals. We saw some lambs that were only a few days old! They were so cute and fluffy! Lots of us laughed when we saw the baby piglets because they were so noisy and kept jumping over each other as they were playing!


Our topic for the half term was Traditional Tales, specifically focussing on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Our role play corner had a Goldilocks costume and wig and bear ears, and there was lots of porridge being made in our classroom in small, medium and big sized bowls! We even read another version of the story where Baby Bear is grown up and is lost from the woods – he ends up in New York!

PGL Caythorpe


This term we were very much looking forward to going away for a residential experience at PGL in Caythorpe, Lincoln.

To provide the very best opportunity for PE: Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and to promote leading healthy active lives; we offer this trip in order to build character and embed values such as respect for each other in challenging situations. Whilst away, our pupils develop their physical skills in new and exciting situations, as well as exercising important social skills such as teamwork and leadership.

They develop independence – some pupils have never been away from home before, and they gain a new sense of responsibility and understanding that they can make decisions of their own and remain safe.

We hope to promote an enjoyment for participating in outdoor activities that lasts a life time, and that the pupils adopt a positive attitude to challenge and adventure. We see them gain personal confidence and self-esteem through taking on new challenges that take them out of their normal comfort zone and enjoy seeing them take pride in achieving personal success.

They are continually developing their self-awareness and social skills, and their appreciation of the contributions and achievements of themselves and of others.

These skills can all be related back to real life at home. When faced with a difficult problem in school, they can now draw on the strength that they needed to find in order to take that extra step on the High Ropes or go into the dark tunnels. They can remember that they do have the inner capability to attempt difficult challenges, and to set personal goals that provide enormous pride when achieved.

They develop in maturity, needing to find the self-confidence to tell a teacher or instructor if they are unsure of anything. Pupils have to make decisions about many situations when away from home, including what and how much to eat, how to get on with room-mates and personal hygiene.  Many of them will only have asked parents in previous situations like this, but as Eagle Owls all now know – PGL stands for Parents Get Lost  (In the nicest possible way!)!

Most of all: the pupils have fun and build life-long memories!

Here are some photos of Eagle Owls enjoying their week away.

Autumn (2)

Now that we have made some new friends and know what big school is all about, we have started learning some new really clever stuff!


We have been working on numbers to 10 and then to 20, making sure that we write them properly and don’t get them back to front or the wrong way around! We’ve been doing the same with our letters in phonics, and have started our own big school phonics books! We use our sound goggles to help us find the new sounds around the classroom, sing songs and play games.


Children in Need Day was lots of fun too. We came to school in our own clothes and with our teddy bear, and thought about how we can help the children who need a little bit of extra support. Pudsey bear played a big role in this!

Raising money for Children in Need


Our class also had an important role in the school play. We acted out the nativity scene and were really brave getting up on the stage in front of all the Mummies and Daddies. It was so much fun! We got to dress up and wear costumes and come to school in the night-time!


Some other fun stuff we have been doing includes exploring the frost and the autumn leaves, learning about space, making a space ship, doing footprints with paint, cooking in the outside sand kitchen, exploring our new sensory tent with special starry lights and decorating our classroom for Christmas!

Science & Music

Eagle Owls have had a very busy half term. They have studied Electricity in science and to complete this topic they made Christmas cards with their own circuits and working bulbs. You can see some of their Sketchbook designs and cards. We have studied different elements to circuits and are showing examples of this year’s science books so far this year.

Sketchbook (7) Sketchbook (3) Sketchbook (5) Sketchbook (6) sketchbook (9) Sketchbook 1 Sketchbook (2) Sketchbook (4) Sketchbook (8)

Science Book (3) Science Book (2) Science Book

Pupils also completed their music 007 Spy School topic by learning how to play a small part of the 007 theme using keyboards and recorders. They were able to play this in the Christmas Production cleverly slotted into our production plot line! You can see their music books where they learnt how notes look and what they are called.