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Data Privacy Notices:

Subject Access Request Procedure:

Third Party and Supplier List:

We do not share information about pupils or staff with any third party without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.

Some suppliers are for staff only, some are for pupils only, some are for both staff and pupils.

Where it is legally required, or necessary (and it complies with data protection law) we may share personal information about persons with:

  • National Pupil Database
  • Pupil Asset- the school’s management system
  • Wonde (data integration tool)
  • FFT (Fisher family trust)
  • The pupil’s family and representatives
  • Educators and examining bodies
  • Educator Solutions
  • EdenRed (National Free School Meal voucher scheme)
  • DPE (data protection services)
  • OSHENS (accident reporting and monitoring)
  • IPRS (health cover for staff)
  • Google (email and drive- animal names used for children)
  • Apple (School iPads)
  • CPOMS (safeguarding software)
  • Operation Encompass (Information sharing around domestic incidents in homes)
  • GovernorHub (school governors only)
  • NFER (reception baseline)
  • Espresso (teaching resource)
  • Evolve (educational visits)
  • TT Rockstars (maths resource)
  • Renaissance Learning (Accelerated Reader programme)
  • Our regulator [e.g. Ofsted]
  • Vertas (catering)
  • Class DoJo (our home/ school communication tool- Key Stage 1/Reception)
  • Perspective Lite (a secure communication tool between schools and Local authority)
  • ICT Solutions (The local authority IT provider)
  • Little Wandle (Early Reading programme)
  • Discovery Education (Learning platform)
  • Mosaik Education (Learning platform)
  • Inspire Education (Learning platform)
  • LA finance department
  • LA HR department
  • Financial organisations (such as Barclays Bank & Payroll services provided by the LA)
  • Our auditors (NCC)
  • School photographer
  • Health authorities
  • Health and social welfare organisations
  • Charities and voluntary organisations (such as FOTS)
  • Police forces, courts, tribunals
  • Professional bodies

Third Party Suppliers are subject to ‘due diligence’ enquiries via Data Protection Education, and records of this process are retained in a secure area online.