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Barn Owls

WB 13 05 2024

It’s been SATS week for our Year 6 and we’ve had Governors and Moderators in to check on our practice – pleased to say they were happy with what they saw. It’s also May Fair weekend- have a lovely time if you are able to make it. Thank you for all the hard work from the Friends, it’s an amazing event and raises fabulous money for our school.

Barn Owls wrote their own ‘Magic Box’ poems. Their finished poems have made a magical display!

06 05 2024

On Wednesday, the Barn Owls visited Strangers’ Hall to enhance their learning about the Tudors. They had a great day learning about the ‘Strangers’ that came to Norwich in the sixteenth century. They took part in lots of activities; weaving, looking at documents, writing with a quill and ink, trying on Tudor hats, exploring artefacts in the Great Hall, and discovering what it was like for a refugee coming to Norwich.

WB 29 04 2024

On Wednesday the school had a Day of Calm. Barn practiced different breathing exercises and learned about Tai Chi movements.

The Barn Owls have finished their Aboriginal Dot Art paintings and they are all very proud of them. Their designs include native Australian animals and Dreamtime journeys through the Australian outback.

WB 22 04 2024

As part of their Tudor topic, the Barn Owls have learnt all about what King Henry VIII was like. They definitely would not have wanted to get on the wrong side of him!


15 04 2024

Welcome back everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Easter break.
The Barn Owls are very lucky to be having whole class music lessons with an external music teacher. This week they all started playing the ukulele. Barn Owls learnt about the War of the Roses as an introduction to their new topic about the Tudors. They then made Tudor Roses.

The Barn Owls had an Easter Challenge to design a road trip around North or South America. The The Barn Owls had a The posters they made are amazing (and very large!!!).


WB 18 03 2024

As we head towards Easter, the oldest children are going away for a 4 day residential next week! Wish them luck and sunny days ☀️☀️ Here are some of the things we’ve been doing from around school this week.
The Barn Owls have completed their ‘Science at Home’ challenge. This involved making their own musical instruments that could demonstrate pitch and amplitude. Here are some of their instruments.

Miss Gardiner, our PGCE student, led a sequence of English lessons about how to write expedition diaries. The Barn Owls were inspired by Simon Chapman’s expedition diaries and then wrote their own.

WB 11 03 2024

Barn Owls are trying out different tools to draw with in order to create Aboriginal Dot Art. We look forward to seeing their creative work.

Over the last couple of weeks Barn Owls have been involved is some of our SSP events. The Y3&4 girls went off to a football skill development day last Monday, and this week the Y4 came third in an indoor athletics event. Well done to all involved!!

WB 05 02 2024

Well what a great week! Our OUTSTANDING in all areas OFSTED report published, and our lovely pupils all enjoying World Book Day. Thank you so much for the wonderful outfits and fruit and veg characters! Once again they were excellent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we hope they all enjoy their WBD books that they took home.

WB 26 02 2024

We hope everyone enjoyed the half term break. First week back led to lots of different activities at school.
In Science the Barn Owls have continued learning about Sound. This week they looked at how sound changes over a distance and also enjoyed using string telephones.