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Eagle Owls

Christmas Fun

During the Autumn Term, Eagles Owls made mincemeat using local apples as part of our cooking topic.  We saved the mincemeat until nearer to Christmas, then we made mince pies.  They were delicious! We also learnt how to make our first pop-up so that we could make Christmas cards (see some of our cards below) which is also useful for our pop-up topic in the Spring Term.

Science: Plant Life Cycles

In Eagle Owls, we have been learning about plants and their life cycles, in particular the structure of flowers and seeds.  We use lillies to help us match flower parts from a diagram to flower parts on a real flower.  Then, we used the TSN seeds kit to observe and investigate the different methods of seed dispersal.  We are looking forward to investigating germination next!


Eagle Owls enjoyed a lovely stargazing evening as part of their Science topic: Earth and space.  We began the evening by learning about stars and what they are made of: then we used telescopes to look at the stars (and planets) and an app on the ipads to help us identify them; next, we completed a craft activity where we created star lamps; then we went to the planetarium to hear stories of how the constellations were created; finally, we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate to warm us up!  It was a really fun evening!

At school, we tried to model the solar system in different ways:  we used a TSN kit to model all of the planets;  for a second model of the inner solar system and the rocky planets, we used mustard seeds, poppy seeds and peppercorns.  We found both useful in different ways, but our most surprising discovery was, how much space there is in space!

DT Baking Bread

During the Autumn Term, Eagle Owls was very busy baking bread.  First, we had to taste a range of different breads, then we made a selection of breads including:  white bread, wholemeal bread, healthy pizza bases (with 50/50 flour), sticky fruit buns, and finally we created some breads of our own recipes.