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Eagle Owls

WB 18 03 2024

As we head towards Easter, the oldest children are going away for a 4 day residential next week! Wish them luck and sunny days ☀️☀️ Here are some of the things we’ve been doing from around school this week.
Eagle have been developing their water colour skills and are creating their own Animalium pictures. They are working so hard and producing some spectacular results.

WB 11 03 2024

What are they? 🤣 Eagle Owls are looking at ’real’ maps of the country, and learning about 6 figure grid references. They have been told about Sat Nav and What 3 Words, but this is what you use when there is no signal!! Or your battery has died…! They may even go on to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at High Schools.

WB 05 02 2024

Well what a great week! Our OUTSTANDING in all areas OFSTED report published, and our lovely pupils all enjoying World Book Day. Thank you so much for the wonderful outfits and fruit and veg characters! Once again they were excellent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we hope they all enjoy their WBD books that they took home.

WB 26 02 2024

We hope everyone enjoyed the half term break. First week back led to lots of different activities at school.
Eagle Owls are hoping to complete their class texts by the time they go away for their residential at PGL!

WB 12 02 2024

A BIG thank you to our parents for completing the OFTSED questionnaire – yes we had a visit this week! From Owlets to Eagle the pupils were fab and conducted themselves brilliantly as the Inspectors viewed our school. Well done to all, now we wait for our results🤞🏼😊
Eagle Owls are preparing for the annual Dance Show and part of the dance is a freeze frame. They are all SUPERSTARS which is our theme this year!!

WB 05 02 2024

As we head towards the end of this half term, we finished with a non-uniform Express Yourself day. Eagle Owls enjoyed lots of rewards through this week of good mental health, including songs from their 100% success on AR.
To end our Good Mental Heath week, Eagle got to play some of their favourite PE indoor games.

WB 29 01 2024

Eagle Owls enjoyed week 2 with parent artist Eddie Kagimu and created landscapes with their water colours this week. They have really enjoyed these fantastic sessions.

Some Eagle Owls were able to go to the UEA and have a fun morning increasing their confidence in the water. There were several different activities run by pupils from Hethersett Academy – some past pupils, which was lovely.

WB 22 01 2024

Well done to our Year 5 pupils this week, who completed a second afternoon of working with student nurses who are interested in caring for children. We were able to provide a first hand experience for them. Here’s what else has been happening 😊
Eagle Owls are enjoying the first of 2 special art sessions with parent artist Mr Kagimu. They experimented with watercolours and created some fabulous art work.

Some examples of the children’s watercolour paintings 🩷

WB 15 01 2024

Eagle Owls continue to develop their sequences using large apparatus.

Y6 used tension and counter tension.