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Eagle Owls

Y6 Leavers

We would like to wish our 2021 Y6 leavers all the very best at high school next year!

Goodbye and good luck from all the staff at Little Melton!


Eagle Owls have been learning and practising pop-ups in DT, and writing Dragonology texts in English ready to compile our class Dragonology book.  Please enjoy our sketchbook work, instructions and our finished book in the photos below.

Whitlingham Adventure Canoeing

Eagle Owls were lucky enough to have their class end of year trip out canoeing at Whitlingham Country Park. The day was not perhaps as sunny as we would have liked – but the children still thoroughly enjoyed splashing each other and paddling around together. It was a great day out!






West Runton Field Trip

Eagle Owls went on a joint Science/Geography field trip to observe coastal erosion and living things. We were planning to rock pool and observe the life that lives under the waves as well as walk along the cliff front and see evidence of erosion. Unfortunately the tide was against us and we were unable to see very much in the rock pools before the tide came in, but there were plenty of examples of coastal erosion along the beach. We were able to have a full and enjoyable trip.


Year 6 Sailing at Filby

Norfolk Schools’ Sailing Association

Year 6 were able to go to Filby and have a taster session for sailing on the water with Sue and Jeremy. They sailed on Optimist beginners boats and had a brilliant time. We were lucky with the weather as it was a blue sky sunny day and Year 6 had lots of fun!




Bake Off 2021

Eagle Owls enjoyed their Bake Off last week.  They could choose to make either a starter, main course or dessert.  They were able to work on their own or with others.  They organised and provided their own ingredients and baked their food independently.  And, the results were fantastic!  Well done Eagle Owls!!

We would like to thank Mrs Awbery and Mrs Graves for organising the event; Mrs Davies for kindly donating the prizes;  Miss Harrold, Mrs Grant (PGCE students) and Mrs Austin our judges – not an easy task!




VIKING Day 2021

 Viking Day Friday 11th June 2021

Eagle Owl children had a living history day on Friday. They dressed up in period clothing and some even made weapons and shields with the help of their families – thank you! We spent the morning

making 3D replica Long Boats that so helped the Vikings make their quick and effective raids on England. Then we made a golden Dragon Egg to remember all the work we have done on Dragons – Dragonology, Pop-Ups, How to Train Your Dragon and the viking use of dragons.

In the afternoon we had a viking visitor

from the Volva Tribe who told us the tale of Rig, a viking God who has been immortalised through poetry. The poem was composed by a Norse poet who was on a visit to a Danish King. We learnt of the three viking classes – Thralls (poorest), Karls (workers) and Jarls (the richest).

The children were able to hear the poem and use artefacts and replica clothing to see how different classes of viking would have lived. This ranged from the poor, with names such as Log for their children, through to the workers, with names such as Farmer and Slender; finally Rig visited the rich and we learnt that they had better quality clothing and food and gave the God a son who travelled with him – Earl. We were then treated to a sample of viking food and drink, which included honey bread, beef stew, pheasant and boar sausages and gammon. Everyone had a great day!




Eagle Owls have been researching and creating mosaics in Art.  They researched mosaics from the Roman and Mayan civilisations (after studying these in history) then they studied modern mosaics, creating some bright and colourful research pages in their sketchbooks.  They created their own designs using a terracotta saucer as a base and broken tiles to create their design.  Finally, they grouted their designs and evaluated their work.  They were all very pleased with their final designs!

Anglo Saxon Living History Day

Eagle Owls were able to come into school dressed as Anglo Saxons for a living history day. We learnt about different foods that they would have eaten, and in groups made  food following Anglo Saxon recipes. We enjoyed: Mushroom Soup, Honey and Oat bread, Honey shortbread and Chicken stew and Oat cakes. The children had a feast in the afternoon and were able to try each dish, washed down with a selection of Anglo Saxon drinks such as Ale, Cider or Elderflower water. Pupils also had a go at weaving and made a model roundhouse from early Anglo Saxon days. They used the Runes that they had learnt about during lockdown and sent messages to each other.