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Working Scientifically

Eagle Owls have been creating keys to help them identify different sorts of Liquorice Allsorts!

Outdoor Learning Club (week 2):  This week we used magnification again to make careful observations of living things, but this time we used microscopes.


Outdoor Learning Club began this week with a summer scavenger hunt.  We also decided to look extra carefully at the items we found using magnifying glasses.


Barn Owls have been investigating sounds.  The used string telephones, investigated vibration and thought about pitch.  Fianlly, they used thier knowledge to made musical instruments at home which they brought into school to use in a class performance!

Eagle Owls have been observing a selection of fossils as part of their learning about evolution.  They used a selection of magnifying devices including, magnifying glasses, light microscopes and digital microscopes.

Barn Owls have been learning all about teeth.  They have been investigating enamel, discovering what they are made of, learning all the different types, making models and creating posters!

Eagle Owls have been busy learning about light: how it travels, how it reflects and how shadows are made.  They visited Norwich High School for Girls where they investigated reflection then used what they had learnt to build lego mazes and periscopes.

Eagle Owls have been learning about life cycles this term: they visited West Runton beach to examine rock pools and the creatures which live there, and have been looking at the amphibians and insects that live in our school pond.

Owlets have been VERY  busy this term with all sorts of life cycles!  They have been growing cress and beans:  making a bean diary; taking the beans and cress home to look after and then eat; and explaining how to grow and look after beans to the Eagle Owl children.  Then they had some eggs to look after:  butterfly and duck eggs.  They successfully released the butterflies on the school field, and looked after the ducklings once they had hatched, until they went to their new home.

Eagle Owls have had a wonderful opportunity to extend and recall their Forces learning by visiting Norwich High School for Girls, where they were taught about levers, gears and pulleys in a hands-on lesson in an impressive physics lab!  All pupils very much enjoyed the session and were able to demonstrate their understanding both during the lesson and once they had returned to school.

Snowy Owls have been learning about minibeasts in science, but also across the curriculum. They have been thinking about their habitats in science, and making observational drawings and clay models in art.


Barn Owls enjoyed the BBC Teach Forces Live Lesson this week.  The children explored gravity and the moon, friction and air resistance, as well as watching an interview with British astronaut Helen Sharmen.

Eagle Owls have been making different models of our Solar System to try to understand the order, size and the scale of the planets and the Sun.

Barn Owls have been learning about the human skeleton.  They had a special visitor who stayed with them to help them learn!

Eagle Owls have been thinking about materials and how some changes are reversible and some are irreversible.   They used different methods to separate mixtures including: sieving, filtering and evaporating. Next, they made some new materials in irreversible changes: caisen (made when adding vinegar to milk) and carbon dioixde (made when adding bicarbonate of soda to vinegar).


Snowy Owls have been busy again, this time investigating how well they wash their hands!  They used a special kit (from the Teacher Scientist Network) to look at their hands before and after they had washed, so they could decide themselves how well they wash their hands.

Snowy Owls are beginning a new topic: Healthy Me!  In these photos, they are learning about exercise and how it keeps you fit and healthy.

Barn Owls have been investigating sound.  In the pictures below, they are using tuning forks to investigate what sound is:  vibrations, and then comparing the vibrations in air to the vibrations in water.

Eagle Owls have been examining fossils using the TSN Fossil kit.  Some of their favourite fossils were the Mammoth vertebrate, tooth and hair; the Icthosaur coprolite (fossilised poo!); Trilobite; and Ammonite.  Some children also brought fossils for everyone to view from their own collections at home!


Snowy Owls have been learning about the solar system.  This has included using a planetarium to look at the night sky and stories of the constellations.  As part of a STEAM activity, they have been making models of the planets using papier-mache.

Eagle Owls have been learning about light.  They began by finding out about reflection, then using this knowledge, they designed and made periscopes.

Barn Owls have been learning about teeth.  They made models of their mouths and have been carrying out an ‘eggperiment’ about the effect of different food and drink on their teeth by using eggs.