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Internet Safety Information For Parents

At Little Melton Primary School we ensure that all children are taught key skills to stay safe online. All pupils are required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy before being allowed to use online resources at school. The Internet and the tools to access it such as computers, laptops and smart phones change at a rapid pace. The websites below provide parents with excellent information on helping you ensure your child remains safe online.

Online-Safety-Curriculum Information for Parents (Updated September 2022)

E-Learning Acceptable Use Agreement

Eagle Owls Online Safety – Be Internet Legends- Pupil Voice, March 2022

Norfolk Police- Cyber Sprinters Game

E-Safety Advice for Parents – Fortnite

Fortnite Online Safety Song

Fortnite Chapter 2

MOMO Online Safety Guide

E-Safety Advice for Parents – Snapchat

Instagram Online Safety Guide for Parents

TikTok Online Safety Guide for Parents

Click on the icons below, for useful information to support with teaching children about e-safety at home.

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