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What is Children’s University?

The Children’s University is an organisation which  signposts your child to exciting high quality, exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours to children aged 4-14.   At the heart of the Children’s University is the ambition to raise aspirations, boost achievement and foster a love of learning. The latter, love of learning, holding dear to the values of LMPS.



All LMPS pupils have the opportunity to participate in Children’s University with no exceptions. Pupils will be supplied with a learning passport.

A Children’s University Passport is a learning passport with your child’s name and unique registration number, valid for 3 years, which you and your child will need to look after.  CU coordinator will help to write the learning hours gained in clubs at school and show you how to keep a total of hours at other places like libraries and museums.



Children can earn hours by participating in validated activities that can be in any subject which can be studied as part of a degree programme at a UK University. This might be a traditional subject such as English, Maths or Science or it may focus on skills development and non-educational activities, such as, swimming, marital arts, cooking or sign language.

If you look inside the Passport to Learning you will see that you can work through lots of Children’s University Award levels, starting with your Bronze Award for 30 hours of CU Learning Activities up to a Gold Fellowship Award for 1,000 hours. The best part is there is no time limits on the levels and pupils can work through each level at their own pace.



Any time when the child is learning voluntarily. This may be before school, at lunchtimes, after school or in school holidays. These activities and experiences are all voluntary. It is up to you and your child to choose what they do and when, and the learning will always has a link to something they could go on to do at a ‘grown up’ university.



For starters, lots of after school clubs and holiday activities. Some of the activity clubs in your local area may also be Learning Destinations and there are a growing number of places such as museums and activity days which are also part of Children’s University learning.

There is also a Facebook page which regularly posts updates of new learning destinations.  If there is somewhere that you go to and you would like to recommend it as a good place to learn, you can do so by telling your school co-ordinator (CU coordinator at  or the Children’s University Manager via email at ).



CU coordinator will check regularly (Mondays) pupil’s Passport to Learning and inform you when you have reached a particular level. As a special way of saying well done to your child for their learning they will be invited to a special graduation day at the University of East Anglia or another campus for higher education and awarded a certificate.