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Video made by School Council children,

March 2024

Our Vision

Little Melton Primary School aims to provide all children with an education which will develop their full potential, so that each may ultimately lead a rich and satisfying life and contribute warmly to society.  Crucially, children will develop to become independent and resilient learners, recognising and overcoming barriers to achieve. We aim to create an environment which is purposeful, friendly, creative, and co-operative, where each child’s individual abilities are maximised and where they grow to appreciate the pleasure of learning in its widest sense and to care for others in their school and wider community.

 We will do this by:

  • Providing a rich, diverse and engaging curriculum, relevant to the 21st century
  • Creating a positive, stimulating and safe learning environment throughout the school
  • Recognising the unique skills of every individual in the school, and working skilfully to maximise them
  • Ensuring that children have every opportunity to develop their core skills of reading, writing and mathematics
  • Insisting upon high expectations of behaviour for all at all times
  • Actively promoting opportunities for different aged children within the school to work together and to learn from each other
  • Encouraging children to learn from set-backs and successfully overcome them, whether academic or social
  • Carefully tracking, discussing and reflecting upon the progress of each individual child throughout their time in school
  • Welcoming equally all members of our school community, and being open and empathetic with them and drawing upon their expertise and support to help our children

Our children’s code:

L Love of Learning

M Make it Your Best

P Persevere and Never Give Up

S Skills for Life