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Snowy Owls

WB 13 05 2024

It’s been SATS week for our Year 6 and we’ve had Governors and Moderators in to check on our practice – pleased to say they were happy with what they saw. It’s also May Fair weekend- have a lovely time if you are able to make it. Thank you for all the hard work from the Friends, it’s an amazing event and raises fabulous money for our school.

Y1 have been learning how to divide/share things into quarters.

Snowy Owls have finished their sea creature collages this week and are very proud of them! Aren’t they great!


06 05 2024

Snowy Owls have been practising their drawing skills and paying attention to the details on sea creatures.

WB 29 04 2024

Snowy Owls have created some lovely sea creature collages! They also took the Learning outside to be physically active while searching for different habitats in our school environment.

On Wednesday the school had a Day of Calm. Snowys practiced different breathing exercises and learned about some Tai Chi movements.

WB 22 04 2024

Snowy Owls have finished their stained glass porthole artwork this week! They learnt about silhouettes and used tissue paper to create this effect!

15 04 2024

Welcome back everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Easter break.
Snowy Owls have started our new topic Blue Planet. We’ve been reading The Snail & the Whale and looking at sequencing & the settings within the story.

WB 18 03 2024

As we head towards Easter, the oldest children are going away for a 4 day residential next week! Wish them luck and sunny days ☀️☀️ Here are some of the things we’ve been doing from around school this week.
In Snowy Owls the children are learning about a healthy diet and the 5 food groups that are important to keep us healthy.

WB 11 03 2024

Snowy Owls made pizzas this week after drawing their pizza designs and thinking about the ingredients they would need. They have also been thinking about instructional writing and a balanced diet.

WB 05 03 2024

Well what a great week! Our OUTSTANDING in all areas OFSTED report published, and our lovely pupils all enjoying World Book Day. Thank you so much for the wonderful outfits and fruit and veg characters! Once again they were excellent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we hope they all enjoy their WBD books that they took home.

WB 26 02 2024

We hope everyone enjoyed the half term break. First week back led to lots of different activities at school.
Snowy Owls played a game to learn imperative or ‘bossy’ verbs. They also practiced using them with instructions on making a jam sandwich.