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Snowy Owls

WB20 11 2023

We had a great week this week with lots of exciting events! A whole school arts afternoon preparing art for the church; a multi skills event for Y2 to go and represent the school and our 7 Cross Country Finalists who went to High Lodge, Thetford Forest to compete against pupils from all over the whole of Norfolk!
Y2 went to Easton College to participate in their first event representing the school and developing lots of different skills. They were brilliant!

WB 13 11 2023

Schools all over the country were thinking about being kind this week and celebrating difference. We had Odd Socks day on Monday for this then a busy week as usual, ending with a non uniform day for Children In Need.
Snowy Owls have had a busy week! We enjoyed a Science Day on Monday and a school trip to Norwich Playhouse to see The Gruffalo’s Child on Wednesday! They have also been using chalk pastels to create artwork of the Milky Way Galaxy, as part of their space topic!

WB 06 11 2023

The Year 1s have been writing sentences independently about the sun, Earth, astronauts and rockets. We have focused on using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and to check it makes sense.

Snowy Owls have been learning about light and dark in science this week. They used a torch on a globe to show how we get day and night. They have also worked together to make a handprint poppy wreath for Remembrance and been writing space sentences.

WB 30 10 2023

Snowy Owls are looking at how the seasons change through the year and are looking at the changes in trees at the moment – which are glorious at the moment!

WB 16 10 2023

What a lovely end to the first half term – our Harvest Assembly. Thank you all so much for your donations and for braving the torrential rain to join us! Have a great half term.

In Snowy Owls the pupils have been looking at graphs and collating information on eyes to complete a maths/science project.

WB 09 10 2023

This week in Year 1 we have been learning about speech bubbles. We created speech bubbles for the vegetables in Supertato! We also spent time with our new learning partners in Barn Owls and have been thinking about number ordering in maths.

Tawny Owls have also been doing more extended pieces of writing about Supertato.

WB 02 10 2023

Part of the busy week that Snowy Owls had was a visit from Emma the Dental Nurse and Derek the Dinosaur. We were told all about the importance of brushing our teeth regularly and how to look after our teeth properly with advice on what to eat and drink!

WB 25 09 2023

Snowy Owls have been experimenting with different mechanisms within children’s books in preparation to design and make our own cards with mechanisms or moving features. This week we had a go at making cards with a sliding mechanism and got creative with different themes.

The Year 2 children have started to sew their puppets in the Tawny Teaching Area and everyone had a  go at using playdough to make the organs within our bodies in science.


WB 18 09 2023

Year 1 have been learning how to count on using number lines and counters. They have also been thinking about sentence structures in literacy.