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Eagle Owls

WB 10 10 2022

Eagle Owls had a lot of fun on Friday with their living history day being Anglo Saxons. They cooked using Anglo Saxon recipes and tasted ‘purple’ carrots ; had a go at writing using RUNES – the alphabet used before we took on the Roman one and reduced our letters to 26; they created a 3D round house and learnt about Wattle and Daub. In the afternoon they were able to have a go at weaving to create a wall that is the wattle, and they used clay to mix with hay and other fibre to make the daub. We finished with a feast where the children tasted the food that they had made in the morning. The outfits that the children made were excellent and they enjoyed having a little use of the weapons in the mound!

Wattle and Daub


The feast, with our noble family table!