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Eagle Owls

WB 26 06 2023

We could not have been prouder of the Eagle Owl children this week – they took part in our annual Bake-Off competition. Pupils can work on their own or in a pair and then decide if they want to make sweet or savoury. They they research everything from the oven temperature needed to how long it will need and what ingredients to get. The whole operation is headed by our wonderful TAs Mrs Awbery and Mrs Graves, who collect all the timings to see which group’s food could go in the oven at the same time, and who will need something alternative. Considering we only have 2 ovens in our tiny kitchen, to create over 20 different dishes in a morning is incredibly impressive and done with military precision!! We could not do this without Mrs Bushell who is the expert at teaching them, and also without the support of parents who have supplied the ingredients for this competition.

This year it was judged by one of our Governors, our school secretary and Mrs Hamilton, who was making a (lucky) surprise visit to say hello. They were banned from the hall and so the judging was done completely on TASTE, PRESENTATION and TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY.

What a range we had! From Fish and Chips and Burgers, to Sushi and Curry with home made flatbread among others; in the sweet category we had a Dessert Pizza, Brookies (cookies and brownies combined!), Nana’s Apple Pie and wonderful cupcakes – again among others! I hope you agree – this is indeed a fantastic opportunity to be creative with cooking and also to see how independent our children can be. It really was wonderful – well done to EVERYONE involved. It was so hard to pick winners and so there were several in each place!!

Winning Dish: Strawberry Shortcake – Thea

Equal Second place went to Lily and Indi with their light and fluffy Victoria Sponge Cake and to Josh for his Sushi.


Third place went to Sophie and Benji for some delicious Chocolate Mousse and biscuits.

Equal Fourth place went to Seth for his French Apple Tart  and to William and Seb for their Burger and Chips.

Equal fifth place was awarded to Stanley and Sam for Nana’s Apple Pie, and to Josef for his Fish and Chips.


What a day!! Well done to everyone. Prizes ranged from Bake-Off merchandise (donating money to Stand Up to Cancer) and delicious cook books, so winners all round.