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I can not see my child’s club on the list of clubs that have been validated?

Email your school coordinator with details and we will ask CU to make contact them and get them validated as a learning destination.


How do I recommend an activity?

CU welcome suggestions for new Public Learning Destinations. Most Children’s Universities have a simple form for parents and children to make recommendations.

The validation of Public Learning Destinations is managed through the local Children’s University Manager, and depending on their capacity this may take a little time.

Please email in the first instance.


How do I support my child to include a range of activities?

Encouraging children to try new activities and unfamiliar experiences, and promoting independence in learners is a key principle of Children’s University learning. Within any award there should be a mix of activities, ideally no more than a third of any award spent on a single activity.

For example:  A 30 hour CU Award could be made up of:

  • 10 hours of Swimming Club activities (practice, competitions, coaching)
  • 4 hours of Brownies (Badgework is the main focus of learning)
  • 10 hours of school clubs (e.g. Chess, Cookery)
  • 6 hours of music (tuition, practice, performance)