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The Passport

How does my child record learning hours at LMPS?

Each time you child completes a learning session, their learning will be recorded.  When 10 hours have been reached each term The School CU coordinator will write in the passport, the dates, the club and the duration of 10 hours. If the activity is less than 10 hours then passports will be updated as the activity comes to a close in the same manner as if 10 hours have been completed.  Your child’s passport will then be stamped by the CU coordinator.


How does my child record learning hours outside LMPS?

Each validated club will have a stamp. Your child will need to produce their passport after 10 hours if a regular club or after the event/session if it is an one off so that their learning hours can be stamped.


How do I know if my child has enough hours to receive a certificate?

In the front of your child’s passport there is information regarding the certificates that your child will be working towards. The first certificate is 30 hours of learning. Passport hours/credits will be logged internally at school by the CU coordinator on a weekly basis (Mondays) so please ensure passports are brought in on a Monday. Please note, passports will not be updated on any other day by the CU coordinator.


When will my child receive their certificates?

Your child will be invited to a special Graduation Day. This is a special way of saying well done and your child will experience what it is like when students finish their real university courses.



At the back of the passport, there are some pages that are different to the rest. Your child can use these to collect stamps or stickers of any visits you make to places, just like in a real passport. This back section does not count towards total learning hours – It is just for fun!


What happens if I lose my Passport to Learning?

If you lose your Passport to Learning please let your school know immediately.

Sample of passport page showing credits/hours awarded. 

If you would like any further information please contact The CU Coordinator (Mrs Awbery) via email – . Queries will be dealt with as soon as reasonably possible.