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Newsletter November 3rd, 2022

Weekly Newsletter 3rd November 2022

WB 10 10 2022

Snowy Owls have completed their art pictures with contrasting warm and cool colours inspired by Robert and Sonia Delauney.

WB 03 10 2022

Snowy Owls have been learning about warm and cool colours in Art and creating pictures in the style of Robert and Sonia Delauney.

WB 26/09/2022

Snowy Owls were engaged with European Day of Languages on Monday, where they had a go at painting flags from different countries. Can you spot the countries they chose?

Snowy Owls

Year 1 practiced their counting skills outside finding amounts of natural objects.

Snowy Owls have made mini versions of themselves and shown what they like to do when they are in their GREEN zone, when thinking about Zones of Regulation

Snowy Owls are learning about primary colours and making a collage in the style of Piet Mondrian



Our new Snowy Owls

Welcome back to Snowy Owls. They are settling into their new routines and have had a lovely week. Snowy Owls have been learning about secondary colours and painting in the style of Mark Rothko.

Glockenspiel Practice

Snowy Owls have been using the Glockenspiels to play different notes along to songs from our MUSIC scheme – Charanga. Learning so many things – playing in unison, keeping a rhythm, taking turns, following a musical pattern so they know when to begin, how to play the instrument successfully! Wow! They were so proud, they played along for Mrs House to listen to – it was fab!

French Cafe

We held a very successful French Cafe in the hall, where children were serving each other and ordering in French, alongside those parents who were able to join us. There were French activities to do in classroom – using pointillism to create an Eiffel Tower as well as the older children looking at Asterix the cartoon character.  It was a lovey morning – thank you to Mrs Hamilton for arranging and to Eagle and Barn for being so good at the language.

Being physically active in maths

Snowy Owls made obstacle courses in maths to practice using positional language such as left, right, forward and backwards.