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French Cafe

We held a very successful French Cafe in the hall, where children were serving each other and ordering in French, alongside those parents who were able to join us. There were French activities to do in classroom – using pointillism to create an Eiffel Tower as well as the older children looking at Asterix the cartoon character.  It was a lovey morning – thank you to Mrs Hamilton for arranging and to Eagle and Barn for being so good at the language.

Being physically active in maths

Snowy Owls made obstacle courses in maths to practice using positional language such as left, right, forward and backwards.

Eagle PE


Digital Camera



Snowy Owls had a creative afternoon on Friday making Jubilee art.

The whole school have had a lovely end to the half term, learning about the Platinum Jubilee and doing different arts and crafts to celebrate. We hope you all have a fun week and make lots of historical memories with your little ones for the Jubilee weekend.

We were all treated to a biscuit and squash on Friday afternoon. Happy half term everyone!

Snowy Owls have begun to paint their underwater sea creatures – don’t they look effective!

Our Blue Planet

This week Snowy Owls have been very creative in their art lessons using a new medium – clay. They have created an underwater creature.

Our Blue Planet

Snowy Owls have produced some wonderful art work for their Blue Planet display with a massive range of sea creatures. They look really effective over the top of the beautiful blue paintings that they already produced for the ocean.

They also practiced their ball skills with some agility drills that will prepare them for sports day.


Snowy Owls have been looking at floating and sinking in maths

We explored floating and sinking this week in the Snowy Owls. We made predictions before we tested various items to see if they might float or sink. We did have some surprise items such as cotton wool and rubber bands!

We have also thought about the Earth being almost 3/4 water and produced some different shades of blue for our Blue Planet display.

very sporty week!

Snowy Owls had a sporty return to school this week with an introduction to cycling and a taster Golf session! Hope they enjoyed them.

Science and Maths investigations

Snowy Owls have used their maths skills to explore a ‘net’ of a 3D shape. They investigated the number of sides and how they came together to make a solid. Then they went ahead and made their own 3D shapes from nets.

Snowy Owls are also looking at how mould can develop on pieces of bread. They all touched one piece and did not handle the other to see if there will be a difference. Pupils were also able to look at their hands under UV lights to see if they were as clean as they thought!